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Couple books beach holiday but fail to realise it's Spring Break as partygoers go crazy

Couple books beach holiday but fail to realise it's Spring Break as partygoers go crazy

Dalton and Sako were not expecting to see so many '20 year olds on Spring Break' during their trip

If you can’t beat them, join them - or at least try to!

That’s exactly what an adult couple attempted to do when they encountered a bunch of '20 year olds on spring break’ during a recent trip.

“When you accidentally go on spring break,” the couple, Dalton and Sake, captioned one of their many hilarious videos from their trip to Panama City Beach in Florida.

The town is considered the ‘Spring Break Capital of the World’ for more than 25 years. Beaches, hotels, restaurants and all other amenities in the gorgeous beach location tend to be very busy as college students flock to the ivory sands for a much-needed excursion.

Travel websites tend advise holidaymakers to avoid visiting during the months of March and April because of all the wild students on the loose, with March in particular being very busy.

The couple tried to keep up with the spring breakers.

The couple were probably expecting a calm and quiet getaway by the beach but were instead met with partygoers looking to have fun during their one-to-two-week break from studying.

Dalton and Sake hadn’t celebrated spring break since their school years.

In one clip Dalton stares into the distance when his fiancée Sako asks: “What are you looking at?” The couple were on the beach and surrounded by spring breakers enjoying the sunshine and idyllic views.

Dalton jokingly answers by claiming he’s looking at ‘the ocean’ but Sako turns the camera, revealing that the ocean is in the opposite direction.

“The ocean is that way!” she says.

The pair tried to join in with the festivities but couldn’t quite grapple the same energy of the wild, younger partiers.

Dalton only had three drinks at this point.

In another clip shared on TikTok, Sako records Dalton who is asleep next to her with his head in his hands.

The couple are sitting at a picnic table and both look a bit worn out. “When you try to party with 20 year olds on spring break” the caption reads.

Sako teases: “Hey, you tapping out already?

"Boy, you’ve only had three drinks and you’re ready for a nap.

"If you can’t hang with the big dogs, you better stay your a** on the porch.”

She gives Dalton a little nudge until he wakes up, adding: “It’s not sleep o’clock. It’s party o’clock.”

But Dalton has other ideas - a mid-vacay nap.

“He needs his midday nap,” one TikTok user quipped.

“As a 30 year old… I feel this in my soul every day,” another commenter mused.

While one person wrote: “I feel this on a spiritual level.”

Featured Image Credit: dalton.aint.worried/TikTok

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