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Bloke forced to go on stag do by himself after 18 mates get stranded in UK

Bloke forced to go on stag do by himself after 18 mates get stranded in UK

Af was the only one who made the stag do to Lisbon after the rest of the group's return flights back to London Luton were cancelled

A bloke was forced to go on a stag do abroad by himself after the rest of the party got stranded in the UK, having documented his bizarre adventure on TikTok as he pondered: “Why always me?” Watch his video here: 

Afsheen ‘Af’ Marseh (@yougotthis_af) was looking forward to a holiday in Lisbon with 18 other people to celebrate their friend’s forthcoming marriage. 

But while a boozy summer jaunt to Portugal sounds like an absolute dream, it soon became something of a disaster when Af realised he was the only one who had made it. 

Of the 19 going, he was the only person travelling from Bristol as the rest of the group prepared to take off from London Luton - their plans scuppered when they learnt that their return flight had been cancelled before the holiday had even started. 

Af was the only one whose flights weren't affected.

Speaking about the trip on TikTok, Af said: “Why always me? So I’ve just arrived out in Lisbon for a stag do. Nineteen of us on the party. Eighteen are flying from London Luton. I flew in on my own from Bristol. 

“As I landed, I got a text from the stag party to say that their return flight had been cancelled and they’re no longer coming out. So I’m out here in Lisbon on my own, for a stag do on my own.” 

Af was left with no option but to embrace the solo holiday, laughing to himself at the prospect of all the planned group activities becoming more of an intimate affair. 

The other lads' return flight was cancelled, meaning Af had to go it alone.

“So tomorrow I’ve got a fun filled packed day,” he said. 

“I've got a boat party for one, all you can drink. Then a pub crawl, a bar crawl in the evening, for one, all you can drink. 

“What would you do if you’re out here in Lisbon on your own?” 

Af added with a smirk: “Can’t believe that... Does anybody know anybody out here in Lisbon? Am I just going to go down to the beach?” 

In a follow-up video, Af also shared screenshots from the WhatsApp group chat, showing a message from someone that read: “Just to let everyone know our return flight has been cancelled and they don’t have anything they can transfer us on to.” 

Another person piped up to say there was ‘literally no availability especially for 18 people’, as one pointed out that everything was ‘cancelled or full’. 

Af also shared screenshots from the group chat.

As the rest of the party started making alternative plans, including getting an apartment in Liverpool, one suggested cancelling the hotel in Lisbon. 

Af quickly begged: “Don’t cancel the hotel. I’m here!" 

TikTokers asked Af to share more posts about his unexpectedly lonely trip, saying they were ‘invested in this journey’. 

"I need to see the boat trip, bar crawl and fancy dress,” one pleaded. 

Af soon came through, posting a third video filmed in selfie mode as he enjoyed the boat party alone. 

Af decided to embrace the group activities as a lone wolf.

“Here we go, lads lads lads on tour!” he said, grinning to the camera. 

He then pretended a member of the non-existent group was urging him to down his drink, to which he said coyly: “No, no – no way, no way!” 

A few seconds later, however, he dutifully obliged - proving he's got much more craic than many of us may have had in the same situation.

Fair play, Af - we salute you and your solo stag do... Which actually looked pretty sick, to be honest.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@yougotthis_af

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