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Student Forced To Pop Dislocated Jaw Back In Place After Huge Yawn During Flight

Student Forced To Pop Dislocated Jaw Back In Place After Huge Yawn During Flight

Isabella is used to her jaw becoming dislocated

A 21-year-old student was forced to pop her jaw back into place after a huge yawn caused it to become dislocated. Check it out:

Anyone else thinking twice about ever yawning again?

Isabella Prusak-James, 21, was travelling from Luton airport in London to Spain's Costa del Sol when the incident took place last week.

In footage captured at the time, Isabella's friend can be seen attempting to reset her jaw by putting her fingers in her mouth, but unfortunately her efforts proved unsuccessful.

Knowing the pair didn't have enough space to perform the re-setting procedure in their seats, Isabella typed a message on her phone encouraging her friend to get the flight attendant.

Staff then escorted the pair to a private area of the plane, where Isabella had a go at resetting her jaw herself.

It's happened before, apparently.
North News

Thankfully, Isabella's no stranger to the situation. She explained: "It’s the tenth time it’s happened, the first time it showed up when I was 18."

The 21-year-old doesn't know what happened to make her jaw so prone to dislocating, but she said it's 'always caused by yawning and it’s always on the right side'.

"I yawned and then it happened, it’s not painful, just awkward," she said.

Isabella covered her mouth while on the plane to avoid people staring at her, saying: “I was typing on my phone to my friend to get the flight attendant because we didn’t have enough room to put him back in because someone has to be behind me."

Recalling the situation, she continued: "She [the flight attendant] was very nice, she stood there and looked at us. She understood the instructions I gave my friend and motivated her to bring it back in. My girlfriend kept trying, but eventually said ‘it’s stressing me out’ and she asked if I could put it back in. I had never tried it before, but I succeeded."

Isabella's girlfriend tried to help her put her jaw back in.
North News

In spite of her self-consciousness, Isabella said everyone on the plane was kind and supportive, including the man sitting next to her, who had a metal plate in his jaw.

"We talked about our jaw problems," she said, adding: "Everyone was very nice, which was reassuring."

The incident has left Isabella feeling more confident about her ability to put her jaw back into place when she's by herself, saying: "Sometimes when I’m yawning and alone I worry because I’ve always thought I couldn’t bring it in myself. But now that I know I can put it back into myself, it’s reassuring. Every time it happens, I learn something new."

Isabella shared her ordeal on TikTok, where it quickly racked up hundreds of views.

Featured Image Credit: North News

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