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Student destroys kitchen after putting toaster on side to make cheese toastie

Student destroys kitchen after putting toaster on side to make cheese toastie

The London Fire Brigade has urged people to only use appliances as intended

The London Fire Brigade was forced to issue a warning after a university student destroyed her shared kitchen when trying to make a cheese toastie.

I'll be the first to say that cheese toasties are an elite meal, and definitely a solid choice for a student. They're quick, tasty and very easy to make when done properly - and yes, it is possible to not do it properly. See how below:

The London Fire Brigade warned how not to make a cheese toastie as they posted a video filmed by another of the flat's residents, Laura, in student accommodation in Avery Hill, South East London.

Footage shows the kitchen on the ground floor flat black and burned, with huge holes in the ceiling and debris all over the floor. Entire units appear to have been removed in the aftermath of the fire, while puddles of water on the floor were left after efforts to put it out.

The blaze took place in a three-storey block of flats, though thankfully there were no reports of any injuries as a result.

It took almost 40 minutes after the brigade was called to get the fire under control, with four fire engines and around 25 firefighters responding to the scene.

Cheese on toast is great when made safely.
Clynt Garnham Food & Drink / Alamy Stock Photo

It was determined that the fire began after one of Laura's flatmates student turned the toaster on its side to try and make cheese on toast, presumably hoping the hot elements on one side of the toaster would melt the cheese while the other side toasted the bread.

However, this experiment obviously went disastrously wrong, resulting in the damage seen above.

The London Fire Brigade shared their warning on Twitter alongside the video, writing: "This was the aftermath of a fire at a student accommodation block in #AveryHill caused by a toaster placed on its side to make cheese on toast. Please don't do this - only use electrical products for their designated use."

A spokesperson for the department further explained that the person making the toastie had left the room while it cooked, after which point it burst into flames.

The kitchen was left black and burned by the fire.

“The fire started after a resident placed a toaster on its side and inserted bread and cheese," the spokesperson said. "They then left it cooking unattended.

“Only use electrical products for their designated use. Toasters need to be kept clean to prevent fires and are not designed to be used on their side. Not only does it generate heat onto the work surface but the dry left-over crumbs from the bottom of the toaster can get onto the hot elements and ignite."

The spokesperson went on to advise people to 'always check toasters and other appliances are turned off and unplugged' when they're not being used, unless they're designed to be left on, like with a fridge or freezer.

"Keep clutter to a minimum on your kitchen work surfaces especially near toasters and hobs as they can accidentally switch on or catch fire," the spokesperson said.

Laura has claimed the person who made the toastie went for a shower while their food cooked.

Featured Image Credit: @laurabaden/Twitter

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