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Students are fighting back after Australian school banned mullets

Students are fighting back after Australian school banned mullets

Dreadlocks, nail polish and eyelash extensions were also prohibited under the new uniform policy.

Students are fighting back over a mullet ban at a Melbourne Catholic school.

The Herald Sun reported that pupils at Emmanuel College, located in Altona North, aren't happy with a strict school uniform policy that prohibis the iconic Aussie hairstyle.

Emmanuel College principal Dr Janine Biggin told parents and students that ‘excessive hairstyles’, including dreadlocks and mullets, were unacceptable.

“When students make a choice not to observe these standards, they are choosing to disregard college expectations and staff will be obliged to issue consequences to assist the students to be responsible for their choices,” she said.

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Along with the 'mo and dreadlocks, nail polish, eyelash extensions, and fake nails have been banned.

Dr Biggin also said that excessive jewellery was not permitted on campus.

She said a ‘single, simple ear-stud’ was allowed in the earlobe only.

“Other earring or sleeper styles should not be worn. Nose piercings and other piercings are not permitted. Clear studs are not permitted,” she wrote.

However, the students issued an open letter to the school condemning the new ‘strict' regulations.

“Students are not intentionally seeking to disregard the college’s expectations; rather, they may not perceive those expectations as significant due to the lack of impact it has on their education and behaviour in school,” the letter said.

They added that mullets are a ‘popular Australian hairstyle, and it’s unclear why it's regarded as 'unacceptable’.

“Many students have mullet hairstyles already despite the expectations and are often not extreme,” the letter added.

The letter also noted the potential racial bias in the new policy.

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“Dreadlocks are commonly worn by people of colour, and due to them being deemed as unacceptable, it raises questions and concerns of racial bias within the college,” the letter said.

Students of the school have also launched a petition, demanding Emmanuel College retract its uniform policy.

The petition's description claimed the uniform and the appearance of students’ were being treated as more important than their education and well being.

“It's time for the students, and maybe even parents and staff, to take action about the uniform policy and encourage positive change in the college to create a much more comfortable and beneficial atmosphere,” it added.

“Learning and education is so much more important than uniform and how the students choose to present themselves (while still holding a respectful and neat manner).”

LADbible has approached Emmanuel College for comment.

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