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Man who sent incredible response to boss who tried to cancel annual leave issues update on 'appalling' texts

Man who sent incredible response to boss who tried to cancel annual leave issues update on 'appalling' texts

He's given an amazing update after ignoring his boss' message

Ah annual leave, those sweet, sweet days off work that you often spend most days of work looking forward to.

We all need our days off, whether its for a holiday or a bit of a relax or because another one of your mates from school has decided to throw a wedding in the middle of the week.

And once you’ve got it all booked in and your plans sorted, that’s that.

Except it wasn’t necessarily for this Aussie bloke whose boss tried to cancel his annual leave.

In a viral video, Michael Sanz read out the messages one worker had received from his boss just one week before he was supposed to take time off.

And with the TikTok racking up thousands of views, the employee has now issued a response after viewers praised his iconic response.

His boss tried to cancel his leave.

In the original video, worker Noel told his boss Nick he’d booked the holiday as his family are going to Bali for his brother’s wedding.

"I did book this in seven months ago, so canceling isn’t an option. I can help out more until I leave if that helps, but I can’t change my leave dates."

The boss then hit back, asking the employee to reduce his leave period from three weeks to three days, even cheekily saying: “Not sure what you can do for three weeks in Bali haha.”

I mean, the TikToker doesn’t seem wrong calling Nick a ‘tool’.

Noel emphasised he couldn’t cancel and said he hadn’t had annual leave in three years – as well as pointing out it’s none of Nick's business how he spends his time off.

The boss kept stressing that the leave ‘is cancelled’ but Noel responded: “Hi Nick, I actually don't want to come back to work now. I'm quite shocked at this email. I'm going to take my leave earlier and start from today.

"While away I will think about if working with a company that doesn't promote boundaries is a place I really want to work at.” He also added he’d be raising it with HR.

Noel gave an update.

And in a new update, Michael shared that Nick had gone off to the wedding and turned his phone off for three weeks.

While his wife had some missed calls from his office, they ‘ignored them’.

When he returned to work he says management ‘were all a bit distant’.

Nick revealed: “I had decided on my break to find another job but also didn’t want to let my clients down.

“So, I came back, gave notice, made sure my clients were up to date, and found a new job (with higher pay!). Still can’t believe the support your post got, just grateful.”

Good for Nick!

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images/Tiktok/Michael Sainz

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