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Getting 'zombied' is new dating trend that people are calling worse than ghosting

Getting 'zombied' is new dating trend that people are calling worse than ghosting

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse, they're coming back from the dead

Just when you thought the dating scene was bad enough, there’s another thing quite literally making it hell on earth.

This new dating ‘trend’ is arguably worse than ghosting. And if you don’t know what that is, then good for you, I guess.

But don’t go silent and pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about, I see you ghoster.

If you genuinely have managed to get through without being ghosted or haven’t been sneaky enough to – knowingly – do it to someone else, allow me to explain.

Ghosting is when you disappear from someone’s life, typically by suddenly stopping all communication or contact with no warning. And even worse, continuing to ignore any attempts at questioning.

For those of you still getting over being ghosted, strap yourself in. It’s about to get even worse.

And for anyone else, don’t be taking this as a sly bit of advice to live out yourself.

Singer-songwriter Mariel Darling took to TikTok to warn her 256k followers that getting 'zombied' is even worse than getting the ghouly treatment.

Mariel Darling warned her TikTok followers about getting 'zombied'.

Mariel explained that new dating villains have transformed into flesh-eating corpses who reanimate from the graveyard of failed romances to revisit their past flames from the dead.


The overlay text of the video read: "Zombied is the new ghosting."

Mariel revealed: "Girl, you’re being ghosted? I'm being out here being zombied."

The 'Free Girl' star went on to give her own definition to the lived experience.

"It’s like ghosting, but he comes back from the dead after a couple months and hits you up," she explained.

The TikTok has gone on to receive over 1.5 million views with an avalanche of comments from people who definitely shared Mariel's pain.

Have you been zombied?

One TikTok user commented: "Mine has a Jesus Christ complex, he comes back every three days."

Another wrote: "I saw someone say she puts gravestone emojis on their name in contacts so she knows not to deal with them anymore."

Good tip.

"Tell me why this happened to me three times in the last three weeks," penned a third while a fourth echoed: "It happens to me all the time."

Another TikTok user pointed out: "Have you ever noticed that they all zombie you at the same time? Like why are four guys from my past all hitting me up on the same day???"

Guess we've got to get the apocalypse gear out, meet me at The Winchester Tavern.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mariel_darling/Getty Stock Images

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