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Man who showed how we’ve been using lighters ‘wrong’ this whole time sparks debate

Man who showed how we’ve been using lighters ‘wrong’ this whole time sparks debate

He shared a simple tip to make using a lighter a bit easier

A bloke left social media users reeling after showing the ‘right way’ to use a lighter.

While it’s safe to assume that lighter use has dropped since the introduction of vapes, throwaway lighters are still an extremely common site in almost all British households - how else are you going to light your tealights, eh?

But despite most of us being familiar with them, TikTok user @sidneyraz managed to blow a few minds when he shared the 'correct' way to use a lighter that somehow seems to have eluded most people.

"Here's something I wish I knew before I was in my thirties - how to use a lighter!" he explained, holding up a disposable lighter to the camera like a magician about to perform a trick.

"When lighting something from below, don't light it this way and go down," he said, sparking a flame and tilting it down so that the fire nipped at his thumb, lightly burning him.

The man shared a safer way to use a lighter.

"Instead, turn the lighter around, light it that way and then go down," he explained, demonstrating the technique by twisting his hand around and lighting it again, tilting it in such a way that the flame moves away from his fingertips instead of towards them.

He continued: "Righties face the lighter to the right, lefties face the lighter to the left.

"Greatly reduce your risk of boo boo owies."

Although many people were baffled that such a simple concept had to be explained to them, there were also scores of people in the comments amazed that such a simple trick had eluded them for so long.

One user posted gleefully: "Oh my sweet holy Lord baby Jesus! This is the best thing I've learned from you so far! Never going to burn my fingers again!"

Social media users were quick to praise the tip.

While another quipped: "So I've spent the last 10 years buying long lighters for casual use for NOTHING?"

Others had a less charitable view of the discovery and reckoned they already knew all about it.

"This video must be for people who've never smoked before,” said one commentator. “Because I'm sure all of the stoners and cig smokers are laughing at you right now."

Another agreed: "This is just common sense. How are you only just figuring this out now?"

But regardless of whether you think this is a major discovery or the most obvious thing in the world, it certainly seems to have made an impression one way or another.

Just don't use it as an excuse to take up smoking OK?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sidneyraz / Getty stock

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