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Diagnosed narcissist shares red flags that your friend could be one too

Diagnosed narcissist shares red flags that your friend could be one too

He's revealed six 'red flags' to look out for

A man who has been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder has shared the ‘six red flags’ that could show your friend is a narcissist.

Jacob Skidmore - or the.nameless.narcissist as he’s known on social media - has been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and makes content around 'destigmatizing NPD and other personality disorders'.

NPD is defined as a mental illness and is generally associated with a 'pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration and lack of empathy', according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V).

Jacob has previously posted a video in which he revealed some sure fire signs that show you are not a narcissist - including feeling ‘genuine emotions’ and believing that ‘every person in the world has equal inherent worth’.

And in a clip showing the other side of the coin, Jacob has shared some ‘red flags’ he says are a sign you could be dealing with a narcissist.

Jacob Skidmore has been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

He kicks off the clip by introducing himself before revealing: “Do they have a knee-jerk reaction when something goes wrong to blame somebody else?”

Jacob uses the example of their car tyre popping and them immediately questioning whose fault it could be.

Next up, he says: “Do you feel like if you displease you will be excluded from your social group?”

Jacob’s next narcissism red flag - which is a pretty big red flag in general, in my opinion - is do they ‘randomly get sad or angry out of nowhere’?

His next red flag seems more harmless, but can also be a sign that someone is a narcissist, according to Jacob.

He shared six ‘red flags’ to be aware of.

“Do they describe your friendship or relationship as ‘the best relationship ever’?” he asks.

He then turns to how they behave around others and whether they have a need to be talking to someone.

“Can they never relax in social situations?” he asks. “Do they always need to be talking to somebody?”

Finally, he rounds out his list with number six - do they need constant reassurance?

Now, before you go assuming all your pals have NPD because they lost their rag when their team lost at the weekend or because they can’t seem to unwind in social situations, it's important to remember that to get a real diagnosis you’ll need to see a specialist.

To check out more of Jacob's videos, click on the following link - The Nameless Narcissist

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@the.nameless.narcissist

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