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Woman who stopped doing housework because of husband's comment tells him he's gone viral to millions

Woman who stopped doing housework because of husband's comment tells him he's gone viral to millions

The woman who stopped doing work around the house after her husband's comment has now told him he's gone viral to millions

A woman who stopped doing housework because of her husband’s comment has posted an update telling him he’s now gone viral to millions.

TikToker @lindsaydonnelly2 previously shared a video of her getting revenge on her husband by simply doing nothing.

It came after he made a comment that she didn’t do anything around the house – so that’s exactly what she did for three whole days and now the video of the results has swept up over 14 million views on TikTok.

In the aftermath, she showed her untidy house strewn with dirty dishes and rooms in desperate need of a tidy up with the caption: "Then I left town for a girls trip... #marriagehumor'.

The TikToker later followed up with a video telling her husband they’ve gone viral, which the pair both find hilarious.

Responding to users' pleas for an update on the situation, she captioned the video to assure her husband ‘agreed that was a real sh***y thing to say’.

She couldn't stop laughing when she told her husband about the viral clip.

Donnelly explains he has since ‘apologised’ for his comment but can’t stop laughing when she tells him the huge number of people who have watched the video, although she was ‘nervous’ he would find it.

The TikToker goes on to say she wanted to tell him ‘in person’ because: “I didn’t want you to get your feelings hurt because the comments aren’t good – it’s like 8,000 people ‘leave him’, a lot of people.”

She added that the video is his opportunity to ‘redeem himself’ for telling her she doesn’t do anything around their house.

But Donnelly also insists to her now millions of viewers that he is a ‘really good husband’ despite it being a ‘real a-hole move’ to say that to her.

Having racked up over 11,000 followers, she’s continued posting videos that show the pair see the hilarious side of their new-found viral fame.

In one video, she jokes that she ‘might accidentally roast you in a TikTok video and let 7 million people join in on the fun’.

She's even called out her own 'beige flag'.

Donnelly even claims he ‘cleans daily more than I do’ despite the fact she ‘roasted my almost perfect husband’.

Although many users commented on the original clip telling her to ‘divorce’ him, people ‘giggled with her’ throughout her telling him of their huge view count.

Featured Image Credit: @lindsaydonnelly2/TikTok

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