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Man who spent £12,480 to become a dog has now bought a giant cage for himself to sleep in

Man who spent £12,480 to become a dog has now bought a giant cage for himself to sleep in

The cage is all part of Toco's dream to be a dog

One of the best things about having your own home is the ability to do whatever you want, and for one man from Japan, that means getting locked in a cage.

Though that's arguably the very opposite of the kind of freedom you'd want to have at home, it allows Toco to help fulfil his dream of being a dog.

With nothing to worry about all day but being a good boy or girl and getting some belly scratches, most people would probably accept that it would be pretty great to be a dog. But Toco took things to the next level by forking out almost £12,500 for a realistic dog costume to truly experience the canine lifestyle.

The wannabe pooch now shares insights to his life on YouTube, where he recently revealed that he'd got hold of a giant cage as part of living the dog life.

Rather than being given free reign of the house, Toco's video explains that when he's a dog, he gets 'locked in a cage'.

Clips show him settling in his little jail for the night as the lights are turned off, and pawing at the bars as he truly embodies a collie dog and begs to be free.

Toco even has a blanket to stay cosy.
I want to be an animal/YouTube

He gets clipped to a lead ready for a walk, and even shows what a good pooch he is by handing over a toy in exchange for some scratches on the head.

Toco's most recent clip has racked up more than 20,000 views from intrigued YouTube users, many of who have praised Toco for staying true to his dreams.

One fan wrote: "I got sad when you were put in the crate, but then I saw you got tummy rubs and a walk so everything is okay!! Love you Toco! Keep living your dreams."

Toco has previously opened up about exactly why he wanted to take a break from human life, explaining in another of his videos that he's 'had a vague dream of becoming an animal since [he] was a child'.

Please free Toco.
I want to be an animal/YouTube

"When I fulfilled that dream this is how it turned out. I've wanted to be an animal ever since I can remember," he added.

Toco chose to be a collie specifically in his transformation because the animal is his 'favourite breed'.

"I am particularly fond of cute quadrupedal animals," he explained, adding: "The fact that the size gap with humans is not large was also a deciding factor."

I'm not sure exactly how comfortable Toco is in his cage, but I bet it feels great when he's able to get out and stretch his legs in the morning.

Featured Image Credit: I want to be an animal/YouTube

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