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Aldi pokes fun at shop as Brits outraged at £5.39 chocolate digestives

Aldi pokes fun at shop as Brits outraged at £5.39 chocolate digestives

Someone saw the pack of biscuits on sale for £5.39 and it might just be the end of the world

Brits have been outraged to see a packet of chocolate digestives on sale for £5.39 and frankly we can't really blame them.

Food prices have gone up a lot in recent times but there's got to be a line drawn somewhere and spending more than a fiver for a pack of biscuits is way over it.

Thankfully this eye-watering cost is not what you'd expect to pay in most places if you wanted to get some chocolate digestives.

As tough as times are and as high as food prices climb due to punishing inflation, if a pack of biscuits was over five quid in most places there'd probably be riots all across the UK right now.

Of course, it's still a ridiculous amount even if it's an isolated incident and we are seriously hoping that it's just a misprint and no shop is really thinking that £5.39 for biscuits is a good idea.

People who've seen the pricey biscuits since the picture was posted onto social media have been saying 'eff that' and that it would be 'cheaper to have a heroin addiction' instead.

Also inserting themselves into the conversation is supermarket Aldi, who took the time to remind them that they sell chocolate digestives for a much cheaper price.

The supermarket tweeted out 'Belmont Chocolate Digestives: 69p' but luckily for fans of McVities chocolate digestives, which are Britain's favourite biscuit as it turns out, the massive price of £5.39 is not what you'll get if you buy a pack pretty much anywhere in the UK.

The big supermarkets stock them for much cheaper so you won't go broke buying the biscuits.

If there is any reason to get outraged at the chocolate digestives it's because McVities say the side with the chocolate is actually the bottom half and that just feels wrong.

On the plus side almost nowhere is going to be selling chocolate digestives for £5.39, we can all put the pitchforks down.
Libby Welch / Alamy Stock Photo

Aldi do love plunging themselves into the centre of supermarket-based drama, especially after they parked their proverbial tanks on the M&S lawn over caterpillar cake.

There was a whole spat between the supermarkets before where Aldi's Cuthbert the Caterpillar was accused of copying the M&S cake Colin the Caterpillar.

When they're not busy selling people food this is apparently what Britain's supermarkets get up to in their spare time, with Aldi doing plenty of trolling in their #FreeCuthbert campaign.

Eventually the supermarkets reached a settlement and Aldi made changes to Cuthbert, but they recently put out an advert declaring their caterpillar cake was 'like M&S, only cheaper' where Colin and Cuthbert get into a fight.

Let's hope this doesn't kick off in a big way again, we've had quite enough of the caterpillar cake wars to last a lifetime.

Featured Image Credit: @NoContextBrits/Twitter/Ian Dagnall / Alamy Stock Photo

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