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Traveller uses clever hack to get free bottle of water after going through security

Traveller uses clever hack to get free bottle of water after going through security

If you've ever paid for a bottle of water airside at an airport, you might benefit from this piece of simple wisdom

A crafty traveller has revealed a cunning ‘hack’ to get a free bottle of water through airport security, rather than having to pay through the nose on the other side. You can fill yourself with this essential knowledge in the video below:

Of course, many of these viral ‘hacks’ tend to turn out to just be something that once you’ve thought of it seems completely normal and simple – not really a ‘hack’ at all – and this is no different.

However, if you’ve ever been caught airside trying to buy a bottle of water, you’ll know that the airports totally use the fact you can’t bring liquids through security to their advantage, jacking up the prices due to the captive nature of their audience.

Whilst we’re at it – who is buying these bottles of water?

Doesn’t everyone just seek out a 4:00am airport pint?

I suppose people have to travel for boring stuff like ‘business’ don’t they?

That aside, the traveller that is the subject of this article – TikToker @IsThatMike03 - has devised a nifty way for those that don’t want to pay £7.00 for a warm pint of airport lager to remain hydrated for their journey.

Are you ready?

Here's Mike, staying hydrated.

Bring an empty bottle of water and then fill it up once you are through security.

Yes, it’s that simple – that’s the ‘hack’.

Once you think about it, it’s sort of genius, while also not really being a way to get a free bottle of water.

After all, it requires you to have a bottle – reusable or not – and then seek out one of the free water stations on the other side.

So, in truth you’ve actually already paid for the water, or the bottle itself, but the point remains the same.

You’re not forking over the thick end of two quid for a bottle of still water from an airport WHSmith.

You also don’t have to go through the tedious process of getting out your boarding card to scan, which is a bonus.

Furthermore, why is that? Why must you scan a boarding card with purchases at the airport?

It’s actually to do with duty free and customs knowing where you are travelling to, a cursory Google search reveals.

Anyway, believe it or not some people have been blown away by Mike’s ingenuity.

Yes, it really is that simple.

After he revealed what he calls his ‘favourite airport hack’, he said: "You've got to get creative with the money-saving ideas.

"Every time I travel by plane, I like to bring an empty bottle of water to take through the airport security.

"Once I'm on the other side, I find the nearest bar or restaurant and ask them to fill it up with tap water for me."

A comment read: “Yep. The price of water, which we need to survive, is ridiculous.”

Another said: “I have been doing this for years….. Especially now since they have the water bottle fillers!”

A third wrote: “Smart hack thanks.”

So, there you have it.

You’re only an empty water bottle away from having hydration beyond the security area of the airport.

Thanks for that, Mike.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ISTHATMIKE03

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