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NHS Savagely Silences A Racist In One Simple Tweet About Blood Donation

Stewart Perrie

| Last updated 

NHS Savagely Silences A Racist In One Simple Tweet About Blood Donation

There are blood drives happening all the time around the UK and the world to get people motivated about donating their crimson life source. It's essential to have a big supply of blood from different groups and types because it can sometimes be the difference between life and death in emergency situations.

While the NHS welcomes blood from everyone, they've been campaigning for more black people to get involved. The health service's website says about 40,000 people are needed to beef up blood stocks as only about 1 percent of people who donate blood in the UK are black.

In June, the NHS issued a call for more donors to help combat a rise of sickle cell disease, saying: "Black people with sickle cell disease urgently need black donors."

But some dickhead thought they would throw their idiotic view into the ring by commenting: "If we deport all blacks, this will stop being an issue."


While the Twitter user thought they'd had the last laugh, the NHS account quipped back with a brilliant, simple and savage response.


The account wrote: "OR.. we could just deport you.

"We would not welcome you as a blood donor so please do not try to attend one of our sessions."

The post has been liked and retweeted more than 35,000 times, with many people saying it has made them even more motivated to donate blood.


Bec Awuor wrote: "Going to sign up now, this has definitely given me the push to do so. Thank you for this! Love from a girl who is Black AND English."


While Bethany Neary said: "I've just reported him and blocked his account. Hope twitter take action against his account."

Sure enough, the person's Twitter account has been suspended.


According to the NHS: "Some donors may find they are a blood subtype called Ro, which is more common in black donors. Between 2014 and 2016 we saw a 75 percent increase in the amount of Ro subtype blood issued to hospitals in England.

"This blood type is needed for treating sickle cell disease - a condition particularly common to people of African or Caribbean descent that causes abnormally shaped red blood cells.

"Because these misshapen, sickle-shaped cells do not carry oxygen efficiently around the body, sickle cell disease can be extremely painful and cause life-threatening infections. It can lead to stroke or loss of vision. Blood transfusions help to reduce and prevent these symptoms."

That's why it's so important for people of all ethnicities and backgrounds to donate blood.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: UK News, Racist, Twitter, NHS

Stewart Perrie

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