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Non-Brits Are Discussing The Things They Don't Get About British Culture

Jake Massey

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Non-Brits Are Discussing The Things They Don't Get About British Culture

Simple parts of our everyday life in the UK seem normal to us because... well, they're part of our everyday life.


A thread on Reddit has illuminated some of the aspects of British culture that non-Brits can't get their heads around. Users responded to the question, "Non-British people of Reddit, what about Britain baffles you?" - and the answers highlight just how odd we seem to the outside world.

"The question 'you alright?' is not actually them asking if you're okay," one person noted.

Yep, that is an important one for visitors to be aware of; you shouldn't be upset when your lengthy explanations of your domestic woes and nagging migraine are greeted with indifference and confusion. Just as Americans don't actually want to know how it is hanging.

"How can you be so proper and so punk at the same time?" another asked.

True enough, we have produced more than our fair share of proper types and punk types, though very few are able to pull off both.

"Apparently British people call sprinkles 'hundreds and thousands'," speculated one Reddit user.

Yes, yes we do. Though nobody has ever counted to verify the accuracy of the name.

"Pulling a string cord to switch on the bathroom's light," said another.

Now what exactly is wrong with that? Nothing beats a good old game of bathroom string loop-de-loop while you're taking a poop-de-poop.

"How they're so rude to each other. FOR FUN. I have a British boyfriend and the way he talks to his family is just baffling to me," another added.

Is this not the norm the world over? How do you know if someone likes you if they don't greet you with 'you alright, prick'...?

"What baffles me is you'll have an absolutely stunning garden and then someone will stick an ugly gnome in it. Why???" asked one user.

You know what, that is a very good question. They're actually more prevalent in mainland Europe in the likes of Germany and Switzerland, but the fact we've allowed them to blight our culture is inexcusable.


"The fact that they can drive in a tunnel UNDERWATER to get to mainland Europe," added another.

Yes, nobody knows how this is possible, but it definitely is.

"How old the buildings are. How are they still there when they're hundreds of years old?" asked another.

Nobody knows this either. There's presumably some kind of witchcraft at play.

Another simply said: "That Piers Morgan is still on television."

... Seems this land is more mysterious than we thought.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: UK News, Funny, Interesting, Community

Jake Massey
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