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Poundland Is Selling £1 Engagement Rings Ready For Valentine’s Day

Poundland Is Selling £1 Engagement Rings Ready For Valentine’s Day

They're back with a bang for 2021

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Poundland is bringing back their 'stand-by' engagement rings which proved to be pretty popular back in 2020.

A picture, of someone holding two versions of the ring, was posted by the Facebook group 'Money Saver Online' with the caption: "Engagement Rings now back at Poundland!"


The jewellery comes in all different sizes, styles and there are options for both men and women.

People are clearly delighted by the news with one person defending the cheap alternative and writing: "When my husband proposed to me he did it with a wild flower when we were on holiday because in that moment he felt it was perfect, and it was.

"No ring, not even a thought of a ring. I wasn't even bothered about having one at all but he insisted, there's too much hype and pressure for the blokes to spend so much money and yet the love part seems completely irrelevant."

Another added: "Seriously, if I loved him and he loved me then I'd wear it with pride. True love isn't defined by how much a ring is worth."

While someone else said: "Personally I wouldn't care, it's the thought that counts! Yes it may turn your finger green but love doesn't come in material things!"

Facebook/Money Saver Online

Others didn't take so openly to the idea of a ring that cost a quid. One person said: "The answer would be no." Well, 10 points for honesty.

Another agreed, adding: "What a load of rubbish if some one gave one of that cheap rubbish to me they would be on their bike because they obviously couldn't afford a car."

A third wrote: "Who's getting spoiled with one of these precious things - hopefully not me."

Hopefully they'll have the same positive reaction as they did a year ago, with a whopping 40,000 being sold ahead of Valentine's Day.

The 'Bling Rings' and 'Man Bands' that make up the product range come in at just £1. The idea is you buy one as a placeholder until you find (or can afford) the real ring - which tend to cost significantly more.

As you can see from the picture, the rings come in velvet boxes which, I think we can all agree, gives them the luxurious edge.

LADbible has contacted Poundland for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Money Saver Online

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