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UK village names Putin 'bellend of the year' and erects golden statue

UK village names Putin 'bellend of the year' and erects golden statue

The statue is situated at the end of Bell End road

A village in the UK has presented Vladimir Putin as a huge d*ckhead by erecting a golden statue of him topped with the tip of a penis.

Many people might believe that the Russian president and the term 'bellend' already go hand in hand, but the Worcestershire village really brought that image to life with the huge statue.

Potentially the biggest c*ck you've ever seen, Putin is positioned proudly at the end of a road aptly named Bell End, standing on a plinth engraved with the words 'Bellend of the Year'.

The incredible statue quickly caught people's attention.

The statue comes after months of turmoil caused by Putin, who in February sent military troops across the border into Ukraine to begin the ongoing war.

As millions of displaced Ukrainians prepare to spend Christmas away from home, the village took a stand with the statue and provided eggs to villagers and passersby who really wanted to take out their anger at Putin.

The organiser of the protest, who wished to remain anonymous, told the PA news agency they needed to award somebody the honour of being Bellend of the Year, and one person sprung to mind.

"I thought there was one person who has universally been a bellend this year – and that’s Vladimir Putin," they explained.

“You could just throw eggs at the statue, which people did so willingly and quite happily. It’s been very well received. One person said, ‘I thought it was my boss for a second’."

As well as creating the statue, the person behind the stunt plans to create even more mini Putins with mini d*ck-heads which they can sell to raise money for a charity supporting Ukrainian refugees.

Putin is continuing his war in Ukraine.
Peter Cavanagh / Alamy Stock Photo

They explained: “I’ve seen over the course of the year the devastation that has happened in Ukraine and that so many lives that have been displaced as a result of the war. So I thought, ‘I really want to help out and I want to do my bit and I want to try and raise some money to help those individuals’.”

The statue was created by artists in less than a month, then the creators painted it and made a plinth which 'obviously had the sign Bellend of the Year just to make sure there was absolutely no way to deny what he actually was'.

“The message is pretty simple – it’s exactly what it says on the tin," the organiser said.

Congratulations, Putin, on officially being the biggest bellend around.

Featured Image Credit: Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Handout

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