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Woman Slams Aldi For Selling Product With 'Vile' Word That Children Shouldn't Read

Woman Slams Aldi For Selling Product With 'Vile' Word That Children Shouldn't Read

The woman wasn't happy with a car cleaning kit being sold by Aldi.

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd


A woman has slammed Aldi for selling a product that she believes has a word on it that children shouldn't be seeing.

What word was so offensive that someone's complained, we hear you ask... the answer: 'Demon Chill'.


Posting in a Facebook group, the woman wrote: "Totally disgusted Aldi are selling this. Any advice on how to complain as a consumer or get a petition or something to have it removed from shelves?

"We should not have to see this in supermarkets nor should our children become familiar with this word. It's a total curse. Demonise your car??? Come on. This is absolutely vile! Any Christians amongst us or even people with common sense?"

Trying to calm the lady down, one person wrote: "What is up with it? It's just a name of the product."

Another added: "Best cancel Halloween then because I had lots of lovely little 'demons' knocking at my house terrorising me for sweets, I am traumatised.

"Any links for a solicitor and benefit for PTSD claim line welcome."

A third wrote: "What happened to adults just explaining things to their children in an age appropriate way, rather than demand things be removed from sale?"

Even someone that shared the woman's faith commented to tell her they didn't agree, explaining: "Any Christian would see the offense. No this Christian here sees it for what it is, a car cleaning kit."

AKP Photos/Alamy Stock Photo

The Demon Chill Winter Car Kit will set people back £11.99 and markets itself as an 'all-in-one essential winter maintenance car kit'.

The pack contains some Demon ice, Demon cool, Demon shot and a squeegee.

According to the product description is it exactly what people need to ensure their car 'runs safely and reliably through the harsher winter'.

There's a screen wash booster, a top-up antifreeze and coolant in the pack as well as a two in one de-icer and of course the squeegee to clean up any mess left behind.

So it looks pretty handy then. Except from the name, for some people.

Google Maps

According to reports, the store that was shamed is situated in Netherton, Merseyside.

Aldi has been approached for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps

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