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The most uncomfortable question to be asked by your family at Christmas has been revealed

The most uncomfortable question to be asked by your family at Christmas has been revealed

There's nothing like turkey with a side of awkwardness

There’s nothing more love-hate about the complications of being with family at Christmas - especially if you’ve got a big one.

Of course, spending time with your loved ones during the festive period is a privilege, and some of us are lucky enough to have our nearest and dearest still here to celebrate with.

Then comes the difficult members of the family, who we feel less-excited about spending so much time with.

Ah Christmas, the time for questions we usually tend to avoid.
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Perhaps it's the challenging in-laws, or a controversial cousin, but there’s one thing for sure - we all seem to have them!

It can be tricky to navigate who and where you spend the most time - do you alternate between you and your partner's family every year? Perhaps there are divorced parents in the mix and you find yourselves having to make four houses happy in the space of a couple of days?

With these visits come plenty catch ups and awkward conversations, some many of us try to avoid at all costs.

As per Metro, research conducted by Haypp, revealed the five most common questions that people would just rather avoid over Christmas.

Haypp's Markus Lindblad, who commissioned the survey, said: "Of course sitting round the dinner table for a lovely meal at Christmas is something we all look forward to.

"But we’re sure everyone can also relate to those uncomfortable conversations that we’d really rather just bury and leave behind us!

"Whether it’s starting a family, buying a home or ditching an old habit like smoking, family and friends just can’t help being nosey sometimes!"

So, let's dive into the questions...

Research has found the most uncomfortable question to be asked by your family at Christmas.
Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

Possibly in our opinion, one of the worst, at number five, is: ‘How is your ex?’

Quite frankly if you’re asking this around the dinner table on the 25th, please stand up and leave.

Coming in at number four, we have: ‘When are you getting married?’

Honestly grandma, if I had any idea you’d be the first to know.

The third question was: ‘Who are you voting for?’

If there’s one thing that divides families it’s who’s taking the bins out and politics, so maybe let’s just steer clear of that one.

In second spot was: ‘Have you gained/lost weight?’

This one tends to come from someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Just for future reference, let’s avoid talking about weight in any context when there’s an abundance of pigs in blankets to be eaten.

And finally, the top question, which 92 percent of people admitted they wanted to avoid at all costs, was: ‘Why don’t you come see us more?’

What could anyone possibly say that suffices a polite answer to this question?

If you’re having to ask that in the first place, it’s probably not a great sign, just saying.

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