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Urban explorer finds terrifying doll with bleeding eyes at abandoned hospital

Urban explorer finds terrifying doll with bleeding eyes at abandoned hospital

Kyle Urbex explores abandoned buildings across the UK, but nothing could have prepared him for this

A photographer exploring an abandoned hospital got a shock after finding a sinister looking doll with ‘bleeding eyes’.

Kyle Urbex had been exploring the derelict building in Scotland, which has remained empty since 1997.

The 26-year-old said the former East Fortune Hospital had an ‘eerie’ feeling with its disused bed frames and old mattresses scattered across the floors.

But he said 'nothing could prepare him' for coming across the creepy blonde-haired doll with purple, bleeding eyes, which someone had drawn on and left in a chair.

Kyle found a seriously creepy doll lurking in the abandoned hospital.
Kyle Urbex

Speaking to the Daily Record, Kyle said: “Although the building was fire damaged it still had an eerie feeling when I stepped inside. Like any former hospital, it can be creepy exploring it alone.”

But he added: “Nothing was to prepare me for the creepy doll I came across with its eyes spray painted in a deep dark purple. It was most certainly the creepiest thing I would expect to find in a decaying hospital.”

The urban explorer said that one of the wards had old bed frames and a jumper had been left lying on the floor, which he assumed belonged to a former patient.

He then went on to explore the main hospital building where he found beds still intact with chairs next to them.

The hospital had been abandoned for some time.
Kyle Urbex

This would have been where relatives of patients would have sat while visiting their loved ones.

In total, he spent two hours exploring the abandoned hospital site and said he’d definitely put it near the top of the list of places he’s explored in the country.

The East Fortune Hospital had been used as a tuberculosis sanatorium until the Second World War.

But when the nearby airfield started being used again during the war, patients were transferred to Bangour Hospital in West Lothian. The building was then used as an RAF base and military hospital.

It reopened when the war finished, but with the number of tuberculosis patients beginning to fall, it started housing those with mental health issues.

Kyle standing outside the abandoned hospital.
Kyle Urbex

The site eventually closed its doors in 1997 where much of the equipment and furniture were left behind to rot. But it’s remained a place of intrigue for many.

In 2017 Police Scotland were forced to issue a warning of the dangers of the site, as many young people were exploring the ruins.

It’s believed that the building contains asbestos alongside other hazardous material.

Kyle has explored hundred of abandoned buildings and sites across the UK and shares his images on his Instagram page. 

Featured Image Credit: Kyle Urbex

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