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There’s a weird conspiracy theory that Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are vampires

There’s a weird conspiracy theory that Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are vampires

There's a pretty crazy conspiracy theory that suggests, Jay-Z, Sandra Bullock, and Keanu Reeves are vampires.

There's a pretty crazy conspiracy theory that suggests Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, among many other celebs, are vampires.

Look, we'll admit there are a fair few celebrities that don't seem to age, Keanu Reeves especially, but that doesn't mean they're drinking blood and sleeping in coffins.

Well, actually, there was that time when, for some reason, blood facials became popular in Hollywood, but there's no actual proof that it makes you appear younger.

Still, the wild theory has taken TikTok by storm, with one video showing a host of famous celebs next to their old-timey doppelgänger – but what if they're not doppelgänger at all?

What if those photos that look eerily similar to some of our favourite stars were actually them, and they were immortal, or, crazier still, clones?

Well, that's what this conspiracy theory suggests, so buckle up and get ready for a weird ride.

Keanu, is that you?

It all started with a video shared on TikTok with the caption, "What yall think."

The video then proceeded to show side-by-side comparisons of the celebs and their doppelgänger, asking the question: "Are these celebrities vampires or the elites."

We're then shown a series of photos, from Keanu to Jay-Z to Johnny Depp, which do uncannily look like they lived hundreds of years ago – also, Depp is in a band called the Hollywood Vampires... coincidence??

Then a writer from The Hollywood News went on to claim that they have proof that the celebs were vampires, sighting that Reeves and Sandra Bullock seemed to stop ageing around the same time.

They even used some snap shots to back it up and there's one photo of Matthew McConaughey that looks so scarily similar we're thinking he's at least a time-traveler.

The video goes on to question if those in the pictures are just 'pure doppelgänger' or 'is it them? It's unreal.'

Eddie Murphy in The Haunted Mansion.

As the clip continues, the content creator goes on to point out 'look at Eddie, that's him surely?' and we'd like to point out that we're pretty sure that photo is of Eddie, but from a film called The Haunted Mansion.

Naturally, people were quick to comment on the conspiracy, with one user pretty convinced by the suggestion that Robert Pattinson was a vampire: "I’m pretty sure Robert Pattinson is a vampire.. am I wrong."

Well, they're not technically wrong, he did play the glittery kind of vampire in Twilight, but that has no impact on whether he can turn into a bat – though it would be a cool party trick.

Another offered up an explanation: "It's a well known fact that every person has a doppelgänger somewhere in the world."

One chimed in with their own theory: "They say you see a light when you die what if that light you see is the light of the delivery room as you are being reborn," and we're not sure we'll ever look at babies the same again.

Featured Image Credit: MediaPunch Inc / Image Press Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

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