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Vapers turning to bizarre device in bid to quit the habit

Daisy Phillipson

| Last updated 

Vapers turning to bizarre device in bid to quit the habit

If you're one of the many people who have struggled to stick to your New Year's resolution to quit vaping, you might want to take notes.

A bizarre new device has been doing the rounds online and vapers are swearing by it as a way to help them quit the habit:


And the good news is there's no nicotine involved.

The device in question is called the Dreams Pod and it appears to have been created as a novel technique to lower anxiety and enhance wellness.

Per the product description: "The Dreams Pod stimulates your brain to release endorphins, serotonin, and melatonin - the exact hormones required to produce a genuine relaxed' feeling.

It does this 'instantaneously' by emitting 'micro-stimulation waves' into the palm of your hand.

There are a number of associated benefits to using the handheld device, including promoting better sleep and decreasing brain activity linked to anxiety.

But the reason the Dreams Pod has been blowing up on TikTok is due to the fact that it supposedly helps people to deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Dana swears by the device. Credit: TikTok/@danadipaolo1
Dana swears by the device. Credit: TikTok/@danadipaolo1

Although e-cigarettes were pitched as the healthier alternative to smoking regular cigs, the liquid used still contains a number of chemicals and, of course, nicotine that can impact your health in the long run.

As such, people have been trying their best to kick the habit in recent years.

TikTok user Dana Dipaolo reckons the device has played a major part in helping him to quit, describing it as 'super easy to use' and 'quite satisfying'.

In a recent video in which you can see the pod work its magic, he says: "So I just grab it whenever I have the urge to vape.

"All it does is sends a micro-current pulse through the palm of my hand to my brain, and just relaxes my body.

"It's honestly really satisfying to hold. The feeling is very hard to explain but it feels nice."

His explainer piqued the interest of plenty of people, with some asking Dana if you can use the Dreams Pod for quitting cigarettes too.

Although he's only ever vaped, he explained in a follow-up clip: "The bottom line is anxiety and all that is linked to people smoking.

"A lot of people smoke and vape to numb or suppress their anxiety. So I think it could actually work for cigarettes as well."

The Dreams Pod claims to help ease feelings of anxiety. Credit: TikTok/@thedreamspod
The Dreams Pod claims to help ease feelings of anxiety. Credit: TikTok/@thedreamspod

Now, obviously we should point out that the Dreams Pod has not been scientifically proven to stop people from vaping.

But there are plenty of TikTok videos from customers who claim the device has helped to ease their anxieties, which in turn has prevented them from reaching for their e-cigs throughout the day.

If you are interested, they'll set you back £39 from the Dreams Pod website - it's up to you to decide if they're a gimmick or well worth every penny.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@danadipaolo1

Topics: Mental Health, Technology, Health

Daisy Phillipson
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