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Viewers baffled by winning pool shot that 'doesn't make sense'

Viewers baffled by winning pool shot that 'doesn't make sense'

The impressive shot has left people entirely confused

I'll be honest, not a lot about pool makes sense to me, but one winning shot made by a guy in a pub is a whole new level of confusing.

The game had got right down to the final ball, so one player played it safe by trying to nudge the black into a tough spot. That wasn't enough to stop this apparent pro, though:

Now, there are undeniably people out there who know all about the necessary angles and pressure needed to be successful when challenged to a game of pool, but let's be honest, most of us just wing it.

We get down at eye-level to the table and attempt to suss out the situation, moving around slowly to find the best spot before whacking the white ball and just hoping for the best.

Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn't, and I can only assume that the scene in this video was a glorious case of the former.

The black ball had been nestled up closely to the white and wasn't in an easy position to get into the hole, but somehow the player managed to hit it at an angle which seemingly added screw to the ball by hitting down on it.

As a result, they sent the cue ball skittering across the table, while the black ball travelled backwards into the pocket.

It doesn't look like it should be possible, but the video doesn't lie.

The clip was shared online by TikTok user @luke23collins, who correctly points out in his narration of the short clip, 'this doesn't make sense'.

The shot didn't look like it should have been possible.

He continued: "How does the guy get the f***ing black ball in from here?"

If you can work that out, you've either got an overly inquisitive mind, or a physics degree.

Naturally, people have been weighing in, with some suggesting the end of the cue followed through and caught the black ball, essentially dragging it in.

If that were the case, it would be a foul and a forfeit of the frame.

However, there are others that believe that there's some serious skill and knowhow on show here.

One seemingly knowledgeable player responded: "He puts spin on the right side of the black anti-clockwise which causes the Magnus effect to carry it into the pocket. Very hard shot, fair play."

The Magnus effect, without getting too far into it, is a phenomenon that occurs when objects are spinning, and can be commonly observed when footballers manage to curl a free-kick, or baseball pitchers throw a curveball.

In this case, the commenter reckons it sends the black careering towards the pocket.

However it happens, though, it's absolutely freakish.

Featured Image Credit: @luke23collins/TikTok

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