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AFL Fan Discovers His Meat Pie Contains No Meat

AFL Fan Discovers His Meat Pie Contains No Meat

This is un-Australian.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

The humble meat pie is a celebrated and venerated piece of Australia's culinary delights.

Whether it's some artisanal one that has spices, herbs and posh slices of meat or it's a classic one you get at the servo - they're all bloody delicious (unless of course you bite into it when it's too hot and you burn your entire mouth).

So you can imagine one man's disgust when he bought a pie to enjoy at the AFL and found there was something missing.


There. Was. No. Meat. In. The. Pie.

How this could happen is puzzling but it's certainly un-Australian. Pastries are awesome but when you're expecting to bite into some meaty goodness and there's nothing then it's easy to be disappointed. The bloke uploaded a picture of the 'pie' to Facebook and it's been mocked left, right and centre.

"Worst sixteen bucks you've ever spent," wrote one person.

"Looks like it's full of Adelaide's chances of winning," said another.

At least he wouldn't fall victim to meat spilling out of the pastry or sauce going everywhere. No doubt if the meal was bought at a sports match, it would've cost a pretty penny.

It's nearly as un-Australian as the serving of Vegemite a customer received at Sydney Airport.


A person uploaded a picture of their order onto Reddit to show what an absolute travesty it was.

It looks like someone simply sneezed a bit of the black stuff onto the bread and plated it up. You wouldn't even really be able to taste the delicious, yeasty goodness that is Vegemite.

One of the Redditors claimed to have worked at the offending café and said the person in charge of the order would regularly put too much on and was told off about it.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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