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American Shares Things She Never Knew Existed Until She Came To UK

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American Shares Things She Never Knew Existed Until She Came To UK

An American woman has listed a few things that she didn't know existed until she moved to the UK. Watch her video here:


Posting her thoughts on TikTok, 23-year-old events assistant Izzy, who lives in Scotland, responded to a comment from a follower which sparked a fascinating train of thought.

Firstly, a weird one - she had never heard of blackcurrants.


Izzy, who goes by the username Bellaabree on TikTok, said: "Here are things i didn't know existed until I move to the UK.

"Number one - blackcurrants, I had never heard of the fruit and had never tasted the flavour until I came to the UK."

Incredible scenes. Then, she revealed that the technological innovation known as the electric kettle is actually not so common across the pond.

She explained: "Number two - electric kettles. I'd obviously known what a kettle was, we have those in the US that we put on the stove, but I didn't know they made them in electric form."


The British really are trailblazers when it comes to a brew.

She then took aim at a national icon, and I have to say I agree with her here.

Izzy continued: "Number three, mushy peas. I kind of wish I didn't know these existed [insert sick noise] - sorry!"

Hey, you don't have to apologise for that one, it's completely justified.


She then gave us another insight into the fact that Europeans can make even the most childlike drinks in an alcoholic form, saying: "I'm gonna preface this by saying I didn't know these existed until before I moved to Prague, so like two years before I moved to the UK, but alcoholic ciders.

"We just have non-alcoholic apple cider in the US."

Well, that sounds much less fun.

If you're from the UK, you probably will find her next bombshell quite shocking.

Credit: TikTok/bellaabree
Credit: TikTok/bellaabree

Izzy said: "Putting x's or kisses or whatever you want to call it at the end of text messages.

"I had never really texted a person from the UK until my boyfriend and that's where I learned about it."

Come to think of it, where on earth did that actually come from?!


And then, Izzy reveals she didn't know about the common usage of a very unspectacular word.

She added: "And lastly, people actually say the word fortnight?

"I'm going to be honest, I really thought that's something they said in like the 1800s, I did not know it was still in use."

The cultural differences with our transatlantic friends will never cease to amaze.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Bellaabree

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Amelia Ward
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