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American who's lived in UK for eight years is constantly shocked at 'strange' British culture

American who's lived in UK for eight years is constantly shocked at 'strange' British culture

This Californian-born expat is constantly bewildered

An American living in the UK has gone viral on TikTok for talking about her culture shocks while living in London.

Andrea Celeste moved from California to London in 2015 and has since amassed a following of over 100,000 on the social media platform.

Celeste regularly talks about the cultural differences between her home country and its counterpart across the pond.

In one video that has gained over 300,000 views, she explained things that are socially acceptable in her new home that would baffle Americans.

Andrea Celeste has spoken out about cultural differences between the UK and US.

She said: "Service workers like cashiers and retail workers don't typically start conversations with people to the extent that they do in America."

As is common with Americans, she was also taken aback by some of the foods beloved by Brits - namely the coveted beans on toast and black pudding.

However, she had to concede that she enjoyed the former.

Celeste admitted: "To be fair, it looks terrible in the photos but it is actually a really good snack during university when you are trying to save money."

Of the latter, she explained: "It’s dried pig’s blood that tastes amazing, but I’ve freaked out my American friends saying that though."

Well, when you put it like that, who isn't going to be a little unnerved?

She also pointed out how confused Americans would be to see Brits jaywalking (Crossing a road in a way that impedes traffic) or drinking alcohol on the street.

In other videos, she pokes fun at her home turf, contrasting the price of healthcare and portion sizes with Britain, while one clip she notes the differences between Americans and Brits when it comes to work-life balance.

Celeste has been living in the UK for eight years.

Portraying an overworked American on a weekend holiday in Vermont, she said: "We got a hotel in Vermont and it was good because the internet was really fast, so I got a lot of work done."

By comparison, her British character said of a two-week break: "It was so nice to do absolutely nothing."

That sounds about right.

Celeste isn't the first American to try and get to grips with life in the land of Hope and Glory.

California singer Sola, originally from California, took on British slang when she moved over, including 'You alright?' and 'A brew'.

She even got into Gavin and Stacey.

Her videos giving tips on life in the UK generated a lot of comment from other Americans.

But one thing that has been getting Brits peeved at Americans is a certain naming habit.

California-born singer Sola took to TikTok to share everything she's learned about British culture.

Some in the Land of the Free have been opting to name their kids after British cities.

Leicester has now been repurposed as 'Lecesta', but it's still pronounced exactly the same.

We may share a language, but some say that's where the similarities end.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@anndreacelleste

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