Camera Catches Man's True Feelings About Having Photo Taken With Girlfriend

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Camera Catches Man's True Feelings About Having Photo Taken With Girlfriend

A woman has shared a hilarious TikTok video, showing her partner is well and truly sick of her s***. You can watch here (the video contains some strong language):


Posting the clip online, TikTok user @dianenoelleleonard caught her boyfriend rolling his eyes after they posed for a photo together.

Although the image shows him smiling, the 'Live Photo' function on an iPhone caught the frames just after the photo was taken.


It shows him rolling his eyes, clearly weary of being asked to have couple photos together.

The comments range from empathy with the man to overdramatic relationship advice.

While some in the comments warned the woman that it was a 'red flag', most saw it for the funny out-take that it was.

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

One wrote: "As a woman who has been married for 13 years, it's OK if they hate taking pics as long as they fake it long enough to get a couple good shots."

Another said: "This is not a red flag, this is a normal human reaction.

"Not everyone wants to take what was probably a million pictures."

Another wrote: "The fact that he hates taking pictures that much and still takes pictures with you is the opposite of a red flag, he LOVES you."


A TikTok user asked Diane: "Lol what did you say to him?"

To which she replied: "Probably that I'll hate this next photo let's take another one."

Another user wrote: "If all the times my partner rolled their eyes about me were captured on video there would not be enough terabytes in the world to post the footage.

"Everyone saying it's a red flag please relax.


"Maybe this was the 10th take, who knows."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dianenoelleleonar

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