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Driver Packs All Belongings Onto Slowly Moving Pickup Truck

Driver Packs All Belongings Onto Slowly Moving Pickup Truck

The driver had managed to balance a host of items on the back of their Ford truck

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Moving house can be a hard task, with all the lifting involved, so no wonder a lot of people opt to hire removal vans or other assistance.

But it seems nothing was too much for this person, who bizarrely opted to bundle all of their belongings on the back of a truck. Watch below:

It's a miracle that the driver was able to keep things in place, given the eye-watering number of items balanced on the back of the Ford pick-up, but somehow everything in the clip looks pretty secure.

TikToker @lapipadelapaz captured the moment she saw the car travelling down a busy road in Mexico, carrying cabinets, beds and sofas.

It looks as though they weren't willing to be held back by the physical limits of their vehicle, either - this determined driver was evidently happy to go one step further and attach something to the back so that they could fit even more things on top.

Stacked up like a particularly daring game of Tetris, the furniture towered up to the cabin of the truck and stretched out in front of the car with a cover blowing in the wind. Covering all of the belongings were a series of ropes which - we assume - was holding the operation together.

Let's just hope that when the ropes are cut, they can safely move everything safely, because it looks like it could turn into an almighty disaster.

What is this wizardry?

A 15-second clip was shared by to TikTok by @lapipadelapaz, who called the whole thing a 'jewel' - which can only mean she was rather impressed by what she witnessed.

Since being posted, the footage has been watched nearly 200,000 times and has racked up more than 13,000 likes.

One person wrote: "I do not know why they do not stop it and violate it as it should be putting others in danger."

While another added: "We are going to hire some professional movers... naa I have a friend who charges cheaper."


A third commented: "After seeing what a move charges... I don't blame them, that is, I don't approve of it either, but I don't blame them."

While another person said: "That is from another planet. Incredible how they loaded it. Incredible how they are going to remove it."

Luckily (for the driver), the F-150 pickup boasts the ability to carry a load ranging from 1,840 pounds to 3,250 pounds.

It's a good job really, isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/lapipadelapaz

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