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People are getting freckles tattooed onto their face in the latest fashion trend

People are getting freckles tattooed onto their face in the latest fashion trend

But some on social media aren't too sure but about this.

People are opting to get freckles tattooed onto their face in the latest fashion trend.

While some might have been bullied for having a freckly face when they were at school, it seems like it's now the hottest facial feature to have.

Mary Wicijowska is a tattoo artist from Warsaw, Poland and she specialises in this type of design.

Her videos uploaded to TikTok have gone viral around the world, with many people divided on the new trend.

One person wrote: "I don’t get this trend. Id do almost anything to get rid of my freckles and to be able to enjoy the sun without worrying."

Another added: "I used to be bullied for my freckles when I was younger. When did they become a fashion statement?"

A third said: "I used to hate my freckles, not just on my face but they cover my legs and arms too! They are there all year round but the slightest ray of sunshine and boom they’re out full force. Learned to accept them as I’ve grown older and I wouldn’t be me without them."

Some were initially shocked at what the person's face looks like straight after getting the dots tattooed.

They appear red, inflamed and not exactly the look you think of when the word freckle comes to mind.

A few haters even said it looks like full-blown acne and Mary has responded to those haters in a video telling them to 'watch your mouth'.

However, once it settles and calms down on the face, they look like perfect, natural freckles that have been there for years.

In one video, Mary explains her process.

She said she starts off with cleaning the person's face to ensure there's nothing on it before she fires up the tattoo gun.

The artist then consults with each individual person where they would like their freckles placed and how many they want.

"We need to agree on a vision, together," she said.

She starts off with the nose section and unfortunately that's the most painful.

However, once you're through that stage, then it's a much smoother process.

Sometimes her clients want something gentle and subtle and others want the freckles to stand out.

Look, it's not going to be for everyone, however the results look pretty nice and harmless.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/marywicijowska

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