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People think ‘Santa uppercut kid' is one the funniest Christmas videos of all time

People think ‘Santa uppercut kid' is one the funniest Christmas videos of all time

The adorable clip has left people in stitches

Christmas is almost here - with just hours until Santa will be hopping on his sleigh and firing up his reindeer.

Or more accurately, you’ll come home from the pub at 11.45pm on Christmas eve and remember you’ve done no wrapping yet.

But can we truly say it’s actually Christmas until we’ve seen the clip of the adorable little boy threatening to uppercut Santa? Not in my house, we can’t. Click here to watch it again, go on:

The clip - which originally went viral about five years ago - shows a little boy named Jackson whose dad is warning him that if he keeps misbehaving, he’ll find himself on Santa’s naughty list.

Not where any kid wants to be in the run up to December 25th, eh?

In the funny clip, four-year-old Jackson’s dad tells him: "That's why you're on the naughty list because you're being naughty. And you're going to stay on the naughty list if you keep talking like that.”

An indignant Jackson replies: "Father Christmas is not being very nice to me. I'm on the good list actually.”

Adorable little Jackson went viral a few years back but pops up every Christmas.

But his dad insists, telling the youngster that he had a conversation with Father Christmas just the night before and was told that Jackson would be going on the naughty list.

Jackson then furiously hits back: “I am on the good list. If you keep saying that word again and again and again…

“I am not on the naughty list."

At this point, Jackson appears to have had enough and starts doling out threats to the St Nick, telling his dad: "You know I'll do the uppercut to him? Punch him. Punch his beard off."

That will definitely land you on the naughty list, kiddo.

Although the video is a few years old now, it never fails to get a laugh out of people and is routinely branded the funniest Christmas video ever.

The four-year-old had some harsh words for Father Christmas.

In a post on X, one amused person shared the clip, writing: “This classic just popped up. The ‘I’m on the good list actually’ the foot stomp and the threat to knock Santa’s beard off with an uppercut. Love it.”

Someone else said: “This wee boy saying he’ll uppercut Santa and punch his beard off is the funniest video in existence. Every year I p**s myself laughing.”

A third commented: “The kid saying he’s going to do an uppercut to Santa is one of the best parts of Christmas.”

While another added: “That video of the kid saying he will uppercut Santa will never not be funny to me.”

I hope laughing at the video doesn't land us all on the naughty list.

Featured Image Credit: CONTENTbible

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