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Man Appears To Defy Gravity As He Jumps While Ship Rides A Wave

Man Appears To Defy Gravity As He Jumps While Ship Rides A Wave

Fisherman, Benjamin Bakke, jumps just as the boat is on top of the wave

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

If you're particularly seasick, this won't be for you. But the following clip shows a fisherman jumping as the ship he's on crashes over waves:

Benjamin Bakke regularly shares his videos on his Instagram and TikTok accounts to show people what life is really like on board fishing boats.

The 24-year-old filmed the videos of himself while his team were in the North Sea just off the coast of Norway.

Speaking to LADbible, Benjamin - who has been a fisherman for six years - said: "The video shows me jumping onboard a fishing boat and I jump so high because I jump when the boat is on to of a wave and then on the way down.

"It feels like there is no gravity, like I'm on the moon or something."

He went on to explain: "I can feel the waves and know when to jump, I don't know how I know it, I just know.

"People say that I am breaking the laws of gravity and they say it looks like I'm on the moon. They think it's an awesome video."

The videos shared by Benjamin have been viewed millions of times across different social media platforms. This has led people to share their own experiences.

One person recalled: "I remember coming back on a ship from Dublin and couldn't dock because the sea was too rough. You could go up a whole flight of stairs in one bound. You'd think it would feel dangerous but you get used to it really quickly."

Another added: "I was on a cruise ship about 20 years ago and the waves were so rough that you could stand at one end of the pool, jump at the right time and be carried over the side (of the pool, not the ship!) and be left standing by the deckchairs. They quickly decided to drain the pool!"

Someone else delved into the science behind the jump, writing: "Beautiful demonstration of Einstein: gravity and acceleration of the frame are the same thing. In this case, the acceleration varies across the time of the jump - and so does the apparent 'gravity'."

Well, there we have it. I'm still seasick.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - benjamin_bakke/TikTok - fisherbenny

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