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Man living on a cruise ship reveals what the biggest threat to people on board is as he debunks iceberg theory

Man living on a cruise ship reveals what the biggest threat to people on board is as he debunks iceberg theory

The biggest threat on board a cruise is not what you'd think

There are many misconceptions about going on a cruise and, as the majority of us haven't been on one before, all we can do is learn from those who actually have.

It goes without saying that a lot of people's beliefs about cruise ships may be clouded by the sinking of Titanic, even though it happened over 110 years ago.

Speaking of the famous cruise ship tragedy, TikTok and YouTube user @bryanjamescruises touched on the idea of icebergs being the biggest threat when sailing on a cruise ship.

He has seemingly debunked the theory, telling his viewers that it is something else that poses a bigger threat to their safety and wellbeing.

It is an issue that all cruise ships are equipped to deal with, as they have this one safety feature that you may not know about, even if you have been onboard.

A man has revealed the biggest threat to passengers on board a cruise ship.

It turns out that the biggest threat to passengers is fire.

It may seem absurd, but he explains exactly why this is in a YouTube Shorts video.

The description reads: "Fire is the BIGGEST threat to a cruise ship, not icebergs or sinking like with the Titanic."

He begins the video by saying: "All cruise ships have these things called fire doors and they do exactly what you think, they just help prevent the fire from spreading."

Bryan explains that he is on the 'biggest (cruise) ship in the world', and shows viewers that it has the 'biggest fire doors in the world.'

Apparently, they were testing them out that day as most of the passengers were out on the island as the ship was docked.

Bryan calls them 'massive', and they make the Starbucks in front of it as well as people passing by look absolutely tiny.

Fire doors are essential on any cruise ship.

It does highlight the lengths that ships have to go to in order to protect travellers from fires spreading.

Users in the comments were quick to show their intrigue at the fire doors as well.

One commented: "I feel staying on the ship on port days gives you more amazing infos [sic]."

Another said: "Looks really cool, let hope they never need to be used for their purpose."

A third admitted: "Hate to be caught on the wrong side when the door locks."

Someone else wrote: "Wow those are wild."

And a final user simply added: "Those are GIGANTIC!"

Featured Image Credit: @BryanJamesCruises/YouTube

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