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People Can't Believe How Chilled Woman Is Running At 19mph On Treadmill

People Can't Believe How Chilled Woman Is Running At 19mph On Treadmill

People have called Daphne an 'assassin'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A montage clip has gone viral, showing runners who are all hitting speeds of over 19 miles per hour - however, people can't seem to get their heads around just how chilled one of the women appears to be. Watch the clip below:

The athlete, called Daphne, doesn't seem to be breaking a sweat and is even on the treadmill with her glasses on.

While the other three women in the video look like they're really raising the ol' heartrate, Daphne almost looks like she could be on the phone to a pal or eating an ice cream.

The footage comes from training facility UbrZati in Melbourne, Florida, which posts on TikTok and has managed to rack up nearly 20 million likes with its videos.


Daphne caught the attention of people on Twitter after this clip went viral, with one person writing: "Daphne is clearly a terminator. Do not try to run from Daphne."

Another added: "You can see the other runners fighting the machine, slipping back slightly then surging to keep up. Daphne is beating the belt at EVERY STEP. How fast can she go?"

A third commented: "All of them look amazing but Daphne has this cool vibe I've only seen from the Terminator Cop in the Terminator 2 movie."

Chucking in an Incredibles reference, another person wrote: "Daphne reminds me of dash purposefully running the same speed as the other kids to look normal. She doesn't even look like she's even close to full speed."


Other people expressed how formidable the runner seemed to be, with one writing: "My heart would sink if Daphne was chasing me. It's like she'd never get tired."

Meanwhile, this comment sums up the general feeling nicely: "She will outrun Usain Bolt with ease, not even breaking a sweat."

Some people just couldn't accept that Daphne was running at 19mph, with one saying: "I don't believe Shany and Daphne running the same speed."

UbrZati has shared further videos of Daphne on TikTok, showing off some of her best runs and even portraying her as a video game player. The video captions read 'Base Mode Edition', 'Glasses Edition', '19mph Jog Edition' and 'Yellow Shirt Edition'.

There's also a tweet from an account that seems to be Daphne's, showing appreciation for everyone's comments. It says: "Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support! @UbrZati thanks for pushing me to become the best athlete that I can be!"

Keep up the speedy work, Daphne.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ubrzati

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