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People can't quite believe the 'absolutely wretched' new baby names being shared by parents

People can't quite believe the 'absolutely wretched' new baby names being shared by parents

Looks like teacher's are going to have quite the task calling out the register

Let’s be honest, every now and again you meet a person and have to take a second to process their name.

Maybe you’ve just never heard of it before or it’s way ‘posher’ than what you’re used to.

A lot of British names can be pretty standard – that’s coming from someone whose name was regularly the most popular baby name in the country. Have a bit of originality mum.

But as much as there are the Olivia’s and Oliver’s and Theo’s and Amelia’s, there’s also the occasional, well, uncommon name or kid named after a movie.

What's your choice of baby name?
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Of course, there’s celebs famous for less-traditional choices like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s ‘North’ or of course, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Apple’.

And people are in disbelief at the ‘absolutely wretched’ new baby names being shared by parents.

One user took to X with a list of ‘cursed baby names’ from last year.

They explained: “The best part about being in a ton of 2023 pregnancy/baby groups is getting to see all the absolutely wretched names parents are coming up with these days. Here are some highlights I’ve collected.”

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Now, of course, parents can call their kids what they like so you know, each to their own.

But lads, strap in for this.

On the boy’s side there’s the likes of Brixton (yes, like the area of London), Coyote Bao, Leviathan and Sigurd Felix Wolfgang Atreides. Imagine having to call that one out in the school register.

Over on the girl’s side there are names such as Genyxis, Brexleigh, Randilyn Rosalee and Merricka.

The poster even included screenshots of the names being posted as people were in such disbelief that some of them were even real.


One user joked: “Coyote Bao sounds like a TexMex-Vietnamese fusion restaurant.”

Another put: “Leviathan is a great name for an obese toddler,” whereas another joked: “On the contrary I think it would be even funnier for a wan and sickly child.”

Others wrote: “Sorry, but Sigurd Felix Wolfgang Atreides goes hard.”

While another added: “They aren’t fitting for an infant, but when little Sigurd Felix Wolfgang Atreides is older, he’ll exude BDE so it’s worth imo.”

One put: “I hope Brixton and Brexleigh are twins.” Others pointed out the name ‘Madden Raige’ will be ‘mad enrage’ which ‘has to be a joke’.

And another joked: “I would totally wash down a Coyote Bao with a fine glass of Mötley.”

Again, each to their own, so good luck to those kids.

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