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Honey Collector Uses Bare Hands To Put Thousands Of Bees Down His Shirt

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Honey Collector Uses Bare Hands To Put Thousands Of Bees Down His Shirt

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Newsflare

The Internet is home to a variety of videos, pictures and information ranging from the wonderful to the downright weird. Now, a clip has emerged of a guy grabbing thousands of bees with his bare and hands and shoving them down his shirt onto his unprotected stomach. Ouch.


Suk Mahammad Dalal, 31, is a professional honey collector, who handles the bees on a day to day basis without any protective gear.

A scene that can only be described as something you'd see in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here the video shows the daring Indian honey collector, grabbing fistfuls of bees and shoving them down his vest.

He claimed that the initial days of honey collecting were quite painful, as the stings hurt and left behind swollen limbs.

But after persisting for the past 15 years, the pain has now disappeared and his limbs have stopped swelling.

Sometimes the stings can cause the honey collector's lips to swell, but he cures with a nice, hot cup of tea.

According to New Scientist, after an average of 13 stings a week, beekeepers quickly desensitise to the insect's venom.

This is because they produce regulatory T-cells that decrease the side-effects when the immune system is attacked.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

So, where a normal person's immune system would flare up when stung, a keeper's response is usually much more muted.

Having previously worked as an assistant doctor practising an Indian system of medicine, and fed up of the poor pay, Sukdecided to go into collecting honey, an ingredient he often saw the doctors use in their medicines.

Suk told the Daily Mail: "From my childhood I was good at climbing trees. I had seen bee hives hanging from the trees in my village, in Bankura. So, I went back home to become a bee collect.

Credit: Newsflare
Credit: Newsflare

The 31-year-old added: "I was once bitten by over 300 bees and became unconscious. I was tempted to return to Kolkata for my earlier job."

Whilst trying to be playful with the bees, Mr Dalal ensures that he does not harm them in anyway.

Words by: Jade Culver

Topics: Viral, bees, Animals, India

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