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Bloke Casually Uses His Recently Amputated Foot As A Pillow In Hospital

Bloke Casually Uses His Recently Amputated Foot As A Pillow In Hospital

His family is not happy and several hospital staff have been immediately suspended

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

We've all been on an uncomfortable bus, train or plane journey and wish we had packed one of those travel pillows to make it easier to doze off. Well, I bet you've never thought about using your trusty foot as a decent pillow, eh?

That's probably because that would be virtually impossible unless you were an acrobat or yoga master. Unless, of course, you're this bloke in India who managed to achieve this feat because his foot had been amputated.

The ridiculous footage was captured at Maharani Laxmi Bai Medical College in Jhansi. The man was on a school bus with 25 kids when the vehicle overturned while trying to avoid a collision with a tractor.

Everyone on the bus suffered various injuries, but it was this man who captured the attention of the world because of his peculiar pillow.

When he arrived at the hospital, doctors had no choice but to amputate his foot and his family are furious that they wouldn't give him, you know, a normal cushion.

Relative Janaki Prasad said: "When we reached the hospital, we saw his leg being used as a headrest.


"I repeatedly asked the doctors to intervene but they refused. Finally, after about two hours, I managed to get a pillow for him from the market and that's when the leg was removed."

The Uttar Pradesh government has launched an investigation and action has already been taken.

Medical Education Minister Ashutosh Tandon has ordered the suspension of emergency medical officer Dr Mahendra Pal Singh, senior resident Dr Alok Agarwal and nurses Deepa Narang and Shashi Srivastava.

If you thought that was a bad medical decision then have a look at this.

Surgeons in this Chilean hospital paused an operation to celebrate after Chile's goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo, saved a penalty by Portugal's Joao Moutinho.

Everyone erupted into cheers, except of course the person who is being operated on, who appeared properly knocked out.

The game was sent into a penalty shootout after the score was locked at 0-0 at full-time, with Chile eventually winning. I wonder what the surgeons would have done then. But unfortunately for them, the video of them celebrating went viral on social media and captured the attention of the authorities.

According to the Mirror, a member of the Chile government's Health Commission, Karla Rubilar, said: "This is a serious situation. There are protocols that should be followed for the security and respect of all patients in all hospitals and health clinics.

"In this case, all of them were broken."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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