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Man Stopped In Airport With More Than A Kilogram Of Gold Up His Bum

Man Stopped In Airport With More Than A Kilogram Of Gold Up His Bum

That's a lot of gold, and a lot of anything to have up your backside

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A man who was observed walking slightly strangely through an airport turned out to have a number of gold bars stashed away up his bum.

The Indian man, who - probably for the best - has not been named, had just travelled on a GoAir flight between Dubai and Kerala when he was discovered by staff.

The amount of the precious metal that was discovered in his arse eventually totted up to around a kilogram.

You don't have to be an expert pawnbroker to know that he was carrying a lot of gold. You also don't have to be a proctologist to realise that this is a lot of anything to have stuffed up your backside.

Anyway, it's thought that the man was attempting to get the bars into Kannur Airport to avoid paying an 18 percent tax on the gold.


He was spotted by members of the airport staff walking a little strange - well, you would be - and was stopped and checked by security and officials from the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU).

The bullion-bottomed smuggler was then taken to a secure area of the airport and searched, upon which they laid eyes on his shiny cargo.

When they eventually weighed the heavy metal, it came to a total of 1470 grams in compound form.

That's when - upon questioning - they found out about his desire to avoid paying the tariff on the gold.

Sharing their bizarre find on Facebook, the AIU wrote: "AIU Kannur seized 1470gm gold in compound form (1316gm extracted) from a passenger who arrived from Dubai by flight G8 4013.

"The gold was concealed in his rectum."

Kannur International Airport

The organisation also shared a few photographs of the gold, which appears to have melted or broken down into seven and a quarter pieces.

Still, it looks like it would be fairly uncomfortable, to say the least.

While this particular technique is fairly unusual, the smuggling of gold is commonplace among people travelling from Arabic states to India.

The lengths that people will go to in order to avoid paying the toll is quite impressive, really. Not often do they smuggle it about their person - or inside it - but it's often concealed away in other objects.

In recent times, gold has been found in chocolate boxes, secreted in purses, and hidden in everyday items such as pens, umbrellas and tubes of toothpaste.

One case even saw a smuggled attempting to line their underwear with the precious metal.

It's a strange world out there, that's for sure.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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