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Woman Demonstrates How To Use An EpiPen As It's 'Not Taught In Schools'

Rebecca Shepherd

| Last updated 

Woman Demonstrates How To Use An EpiPen As It's 'Not Taught In Schools'

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/faith_pancoast

A woman has used her TikTok platform to demonstrate how to use an EpiPen if someone is having an allergic reaction. You can learn for yourself below:


Faith Pancoast - who is part of the 'peanut allergy gang' - shared the important information on her account (@faith_pancoast) where it has now had over two million views.

In the video, she explains to viewers that they should remove the lid and place the auto injector pen on the side of the outer thigh.

She then says that you should hold it there for ten seconds (counting out loud as that's more accurate) and don't dispose of the EpiPen because emergency services will need to see how much of the epinephrine was used.

Faith tells people to go for the outer thigh. Credit: TikTok/faith_pancoast
Faith tells people to go for the outer thigh. Credit: TikTok/faith_pancoast

On the TikTok video, Faith says: "It is not taught in schools and most people do not know how to deliver epinephrine."

Going into the instructions, she continued: "Most EpiPens look the same, some of them talk to you, some of them don't. This one does not.

"They all come in a case. You are going to take it out of said case, you will notice that there is a blue end and an orange. The orange end always says 'needle end', this is where the needle will be coming out of.

"And on every single EpiPen ever made, there are instructions on the side of how to deliver an EpiPen in case you forget. What you're going to do is it a three step programme, blue lid off.

"You are going to take the needle end hold it like this [holds EpiPen with thumb on top of finger] not with your thumb on top, not with your thumb on the bottom, like this so you don't get punctured."

Credit: TikTok/faith_pancoast
Credit: TikTok/faith_pancoast

She added: "Insert it into the outer thigh, the side of their thigh, not the top, not the back, not the stomach, not the chest, not the neck, the side of the thigh.

"This is where your bigger muscles are. Typically this is the larger part of your body, you do not want this puncturing through a bone, okay, and if it's in the outer thigh it never will."

She goes on to tell people with needle phobias not to worry because the needle won't be seen.

On to counting now, Faith goes on to say: "Once you've inserted into the outer thigh you're going to hold for 10 seconds. Count out loud. You always count faster when you count in your head.

"Most EpiPens now you only need to hold it for three seconds. But older EpiPens, you need to hold it for 10 seconds. So I just say hold it for 10 seconds on all EpiPens.

"Alright, once you're done delivering the dose, keep the EpiPen do not throw it away once medical assistance arrives they need to see how much epinephrine the person was given."

Credit: TikTok/faith_pancoast
Credit: TikTok/faith_pancoast

Faith goes on to tell people what to do if the person they're administering the dose to tells them not to ring the emergency services.

She said: "No matter what, I always tell people this, if the person having the anaphylactic reaction tells you not to call 911, I don't give a s*** how close you are or how much they beg - call 911.

"This only holds off a reaction. It does not cure it, it will not stop it. It holds it off long enough so that medical assistants can arrive and work on the person."

Commenting on the TikTok video after posting it, Faith wrote: "YOU DO NOT NEED TO PUSH ANY BUTTONS. IT IS AN AUTO INJECTOR. Just swing it against the thigh. It will go through any article of clothing."

On Reddit, someone gave another suggestion for people to check the time the dose was administered if it's possible because it can be helpful for the emergency services.

Topics: Viral, Community, Health

Rebecca Shepherd
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