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Woman Thinks Surveillance Camera Has Captured Her Dead Cat's Ghost

Woman Thinks Surveillance Camera Has Captured Her Dead Cat's Ghost

She said the cat passed away almost exactly a year ago

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A woman reckons home surveillance footage shows her dead cat's ghost curled up on the sofa 'almost exactly a year' after his death. You can watch said footage below and make your own mind up about whether you reckon she's right:

Before you start losing your sh*t about the clear and obvious cat at the start of the video, I should clarify, that is an actual living cat - not the phantom feline we're looking for.

After the actual cat leaves the room, the lights are flicked on and it is at this point that the apparent supernatural cat fades into view in the middle of the left sofa. Weird really, given ghosts and the like tend to rock up when the lights go out 'normally'.

The cat shape then becomes darker and clearer still as the owner walks in the room and seemingly stares right at it, before leaving once again, oblivious to the spectre pussy before her.

If you're still not sure what you're supposed to be looking at, it's likely you are mistaking ghost cat for a pillow. It's most apparent around the time the woman walks in the room and is a black shape with cat-like ears next to a few pillows.

Ghost cat?

Sharing the video on Reddit, the owner of the late Blackjack clarified that the only pillows on that sofa are red, cream and grey.

Captioning the video, she wrote: "Not sure if this can be explained but I caught what looks like my cat Blackjack, who passed away almost exactly a year ago, materialising on our sofa (far left) when I turned the lights on from my phone.

"There was nothing black on the sofa just the pillows that are red, grey and cream."

What do we reckon then, is that a ghost cat?

Well, lots of people on Reddit seem to think the answer to that question is 'yes'.

One person commented: "This is a very cool video. It does look like it fades in and out slightly and comes in to full view. When she comes in to check, that black cat looks just as solid as can be. Very nice catch."

Another said: "What a video! Definitely a kitty curled up on the sofa."

A third added: "Even if it is a trick of the camera, you could think the cat may have messed with the camera from the afterlife to get this image as a way of saying hello."

That's that one solved then.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Chlochan

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