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Woman's Hack For Eating Sushi With Soy Sauce Goes Viral

Jake Massey

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Woman's Hack For Eating Sushi With Soy Sauce Goes Viral

A woman's simple but effective hack for eating sushi with soy sauce has gone viral. You can check out the nifty method below:


April-Joy Goodlet, from Brisbane, Australia, shared the neat little trick on TikTok, whereby she pierces the sushi with the soy sauce bottle before pumping the condiment inside, where it is absorbed evenly by the rice within.

Clearly, many people have never thought to do this as the video has proven a huge hit, amassing more than 2.6 million views.


As tends to be the way on social media, the response has been extremely hyperbolic, with people branding April-Joy's hack 'genius' and 'life changing'.

One person said: "OMG absolute game changer. I'm definitely doing this next time."

Another added: "Why didn't i think of that before? *bang my head on sushi*"

A third commented: "My life will never be the same again."


Here's hoping you find the method as revelatory as those above; it certainly beats squirting it on the outside and watching it all run off into the plastic container anyway.

April-Joy Goodlet has been branded a 'genius'. Credit: Facebook/April-Joy Goodlet
April-Joy Goodlet has been branded a 'genius'. Credit: Facebook/April-Joy Goodlet

Typically though, some people were just as extreme in their disapproval of the sushi soy sauce syringe system.

One person said: "How could you do such thing?"


Another agreed: "You destroy the sushi."

A third added: "Bruh that's wrong."

And thus, we are a divided people. Of course, there is the third camp of smug people who turn up whenever a hack goes viral and say, 'Wait, you guys haven't been doing this all along?'

If you belong to that camp, I suggest you don't read on as I tell you about a vegetable peeler hack that went viral a couple of months back.


Tim Smith, 51, had been making a bolognese in his kitchen in Nottingham when he decided to try out a hack his girlfriend had told him about.

The account manager videoed himself using his peeler in a way that many of us never knew was possible - running the device from the top to the bottom before doing the same in reverse in one swift move, in turn saving himself that extra bit of effort and time.

Vegetable peelers clearly utilise a double-edged blade, but that doesn't mean people ever thought to use it in such a way - as Tim's millions of views demonstrate.

Tim said: "I never imagined it would get so much interest online. I thought a couple of my mates would call me 'boring' for posting it, but it's blown up. I think it just shows that we all need a bit of a laugh at the moment.


"I'll be using this technique in the future. It's life changing."

So there you go folks - hope you feel your life has been well and truly changed by this article.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@apriljoygoodlet

Topics: Viral, Food, Hacks, Community, TikTok

Jake Massey
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