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People are only just realising what WC toilet sign actually stands for

People are only just realising what WC toilet sign actually stands for

Social media users can't believe they've only just found out what it means

Ashamed to admit that - at the age of 27 - I don't have a clue what WC stands for.

Thankfully I am not alone and many others are just as clueless as I am.

If you also haven't the foggiest, you can find out in the vid below:

As a Brit, I'm pretty sure we generally refer to the loo as the 'bathroom' or the 'restroom' if you're posh.

But it turns out that there's another name we used to call it and it's completely blown my little mind.

Naeblys / Alamy Stock Photo

It turns out that the 'WC' stamped on bathroom doors actually means something - and that something is 'water closet'.

What makes it even worse is that there's a perfectly good reason behind it too.

Back in the day, when someone would use the bathroom it would actually be to take a bath.

When one would use the restroom, it would supposedly be to rest or get ready for the day by using the sink and mirror.

If you actually needed to take a leak, you would use the water closet to use the toilet.

At least I wasn't the only baffled person, as many on social media are just as dazed as I am.

"What do you mean wc stands for water closet........" one person commented.

Another added: "I was 23 y/o when I learned that WC is called water closet."

At least you're not 27.

"I call MINE a bathroom," someone else revealed.

"I call the ones in public, restrooms.

"I know what a water closet is, but don't use it (don't use the word - do use the WC)."

Keeping on the topic of bathrooms, one TikToker went viral for sharing the unwritten urinal rule that 'every guy knows'.

Posted by stand-up comedian, Freddy Quinne, he says men have an unwritten rule about having a wee in a public urinal.

Freddie says: "Nobody's ever discussed this with us, nobody's gone out and set the rules but we all know which place to have a p*ss is acceptable and which one isn't."


He explains that if you have five empty urinals in a row, the only reasonable decision is to use the first one on the left, or the last one on the right.

"So you've got five urinals in a row here and the rule is, if you go in and every single one is empty, then you take urinal number one [far left] or urinal number five [far right]," Freddie adds.

"Now, if number one or number five are both being used, then you use the one in the middle, urinal number three.

"The reason for that, is that way you leave a space in between the other two people having a p*ss because it's weird if you just go up and p*ss next to someone, when you've got the option not to.

"The only time you would ever use urinals two and four, is when one, three and five are occupied.

"There's no other reason for using them...ever."

As a lad I can assure you that this Freddie is spot on here.

Featured Image Credit: incamerastock / Nathaniel Noir / Alamy Stock Photo

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