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Weed Dealer Receives Praise For Giving Out Fresh Loaf With Every Order

Weed Dealer Receives Praise For Giving Out Fresh Loaf With Every Order

The dealer has numerous loaves for customers to choose from

A weed dealer has gone viral after it was revealed he was giving out a free loaf of bread with every order.

Smoking weed is known to give you the munchies, so what better way to combat it than tucking into some buttered toast, a sandwich or, if you're too hungry to waste minutes toasting or filling, just some plain slices of bread?

All of these options of course rely on you having access to bread, but that's not a problem for customers of this particular dealer.

The buyer was looking for some weed when they were offered the bread.

In a conversation shared on the Twitter account Shotta Texts, which treats followers to 'texts from your dealer', the seller can be seen arranging a sale with an unidentified customer, saying, "Bro I've only got 3Gs left", to which the buyer replied: "I'll just take 2gs then bro."

Having reached an agreement, the dealer then decided to throw in an extra treat for the buyer as they wrote: "Want a loaf of bread too? For free."

I think everyone can agree that free food isn't something to be snubbed, so the buyer agreed by responding: "F**k it go on then."

They then went on to ask for some more details about the bread - after all, there are a lot of different types to choose from. It probably would have been disappointing if they'd been expecting a fresh tiger loaf only to be met with slices of plain old brown.

The seller had numerous loaves to choose from.

Thankfully, the seller had a few options to choose from and offered the buyer the opportunity to take their pick, sending a picture of at least four loaves including white, seeded and what looked to be one with a good solid crust.

With the promise they were all 'freshly baked', it was the latter the buyer opted for. The seller made good on his offer and delivered the weed wrapped up alongside the fresh loaf.

Twitter users have applauded the deal, describing it as 'iconic' and 'really cool'.

The weed arrived along with the bread.

One appreciative user added: "Anyone that knows me understands how hype this is to me. Bread AND bud? Too good to be true."

Another joked: "Wake and Bake taken literally," while a third added: "This is a dream come true."

It's unclear exactly why the seller decided to hand out baked goods along with the drugs, but it's clear they've got themselves a popular business idea.

Now they just have to make sure they keep up their supply of fresh bread.

Featured Image Credit: @shottatexts/Twitter

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