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Adult Entertainment Star Reveals The Weirdest Shoot He's Done

Adult Entertainment Star Reveals The Weirdest Shoot He's Done

Turns out the job isn't all fun and games

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

It turns out that, like most things, a career in the adult entertainment industry isn't as much fun as you'd think. I know, I'm disappointed, too.

Demetri, who works under the name Demetri XXX, spoke to LADbible about shooting and he's happy to shatter any illusions that his job is a 'dream job',

He tells LADbible that 'about five percent of the time' it the best job in the world, but the rest of the time it's hard work (so to speak).

"It's a physically demanding job, an hour of filming is cut down to about 20-25 minutes, so if a film is 90 minutes you're looking about four hours of filming and it's intense.

Demetri XXX

"Sometimes there can be 20 or 30 people hanging around on set while you're trying to have sex; it's getting stopped and started; the positions you do are designed to look good on camera but aren't necessarily what you'd like to do at home.

"I think people have a perception that it's just having sex with beautiful women all day, every day, but that's definitely not the case. Whenever someone tells me how much they'd love to do my job, I tell them about the time I was stood in a desert on a rock with 30 members of cast and crew all stood around watching and waiting for me to finish..."


Wait, what?

"Yeah," he tells LADbible, laughing. "That was a pretty weird shoot. It was outside in the US, in a desert for a film.

"Everyone who worked there - catering crew and everything - were stood around waiting for me; and I was stood on this rock, I was shattered, we'd been there for hours and everyone was just waiting for the 'money shot' from me so we could pack up and go home.

"In that moment it's really demanding work - it's the last place you want to be but I got the job done in the end."

Demetri, who's won awards for his work, has been in the adult entertainment industry since 2001 - he now produces and directs movies for Playboy and TVX, as well as still doing the odd bit of acting.

"It's like anything, once you've been doing it a while it gets easier," he says.

"Eventually you're in a position where your name is well known and you've got a good reputation and you can pick and choose the jobs you want to do. You can be more selective with your roles and have more of an input.

"When I started out, I was keen to make a good impression so I was just agreeing to whatever was offered - that's how you end up stood on a rock in the desert."

Despite all this, Demetri says: "But, of course, I wouldn't still be here if it was bad. I guess it's like any other job, it has its good and bad."

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