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Man Discovers Horrifying 'Jilted Bride' Effigy In Woods

Man Discovers Horrifying 'Jilted Bride' Effigy In Woods

He stumbled upon a very disturbing scene while working on site

Alex Maxam

Alex Maxam

We've all seen a few creepy things in our time but one man seems to have taken the absolute cake.

Masedonio Perez, 36, was working on site in Washington, US as a water well driller when he spotted something very strange in the woods.

Wondering what it was, he went to have a look. That usually doesn't end well, does it?

Luckily for him, he lived to tell the tale and, as far as we know, he has not been cursed by some paranormal spirit.

"When I got close I realised it was human-shaped," Masedonio told Jam Press.

"Once I was a few feet from it I saw that it was a wedding dress covered in moss.

Jam Press

"The base of it was broken open and inside were toasters, hair curlers, melted candles and fresh flowers while it was surrounded in barbed wire.

"There were also black berry bushes growing through the chest cavity and moss covering the whole thing.

"It seemed to have been there a while - except for the fresh flowers."

He took pictures of the bizarre discovery and shared the spooky snaps on Facebook, explaining that he had found it while at work on a site that has been abandoned for 20-30 years.

Jam Press

The post racked up more than 1,100 likes and hundreds of comments from baffled viewers guessing what it could be.

One person said: "Omg that's so weird especially to be out there in the middle of the woods. Jilted bride maybe?"

"That is truly weird and frightening!" another user commented.

Someone else guessed: "That almost looks like some kind of burial heads stone. I wonder if someone is buried there."

"Leave it. Just back away. Wild toaster and curlers are very dangerous when confronted! Seriously, really cool find. Wonder what it was for?" said another user.

One person guessed: "That is an offering. Hope you didn't touch or disturb it."

Jam Press

"Maybe it was a grave marker of a girl who was engaged but died before the wedding. She never got to use her wedding dress so that made this and it just deteriorated over time," another viewer offered.

Someone else commented: "Effigy of a life that was expected but never came to pass? Jilted bride? Toaster and curlers are domestic life, whole thing is in the womb area- a child never conceived?"

"This is interesting. I do feel some spirits are here, hiding in the trees," said another user.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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