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People Are Sharing Their Worst Self-Isolation Meals

People Are Sharing Their Worst Self-Isolation Meals

You would have thought coronavirus quarantine would be the perfect time to polish up on your culinary skills and knock it out of the park with some home cooking.

Yet for every Instagram-ready taste sensation, it's clear some are using the global pandemic as an excuse to cause havoc in the kitchen - knocking up some truly horrifying dishes.


If you're self-isolating because either you or someone in your household has a new continuous cough or a fever, then it can make it more difficult to have a well-stocked fridge. Using up what's at home can also be a responsible way to limit your social contact and practice social distancing.

Yet, as you can see below, turning whatever food you have lying around into something you can eat can have mixed results:

Then there was the saddest plate of fish and 'chips' the world has even seen:


This guy had the right idea by making sure he got his five a day, but I'm not sure 'peazza' is a delicacy I'm keen to sample myself:

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Then there were these wild cards who though social norms did not apply to them and/or had too many bananas in the house:

A less grave breach of culinary etiquette is this guy who made mushroom stroganoff using farfalle (how exactly he found pasta easier to come by than rice is beyond me). It's not disgusting, but - I think you'll agree - it's far from ideal:

We jest - whatever you're dining on during these testing times, you do you. Stay safe, stay at home and wash your hands.

You can share your own quarantine meals in our coronavirus community group. Let's all bring some positivity, support and fun to anyone who might find themselves in isolation as a result of the coronavirus spread. Need some entertainment? Join Isolation Nation:

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