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Graham Norton producer explains what happened after one of ‘worst guests’ ended up ‘falling asleep'

Graham Norton producer explains what happened after one of ‘worst guests’ ended up ‘falling asleep'

This star seriously couldn't handle their booze

There's aren't many people who can knock Graham Norton off his game, but one certain celebrity didn't do a bad job of it.

The talk show host, 60, has been a regular fixture on our TV screens for almost two decades and has interviewed hundreds of famous faces during that time, but not all of them have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Poor old Robert De Niro was initially dubbed one of the 'worst guests' by Norton for telling some snooze-worthy stories while sat on the iconic red couch, before Harvey Weinstein later surpassed him for obvious reasons.

But an actor who struggled to handle his booze - so much so, that he fell asleep on The Graham Norton Show - is also in the star's burn book of celebrity guests who threw his programme into absolute chaos.

After seemingly raiding the mini bar and rinsing the pre-show refreshments, Mark Wahlberg swanned up to the popular BBC chat show absolutely legless.

Take a look at this:

The Ted star appeared on The Graham Norton Show in 2013 to promote his then-upcoming thriller Broken City, but he ended up chatting broken biscuits and challenging another guest to a ‘big d*** contest’.

Sat alongside Michael Fassbender and Sarah Silverman, Wahlberg managed to steal the show - so when he suddenly dozed off during filming, Norton was happy to let him keep snoozing.

The actor memorably sat on the host's lap, stroked his face and caressed his nipples as a stunned Norton tried to regain control of the no avail.

The Irish star previously told This Morning that it was 'hard to get anything done' as Wahlberg kept interrupting Fassbender and Silverman in the middle of their stories.

Mark Wahlberg, Sarah Silverman and Michael Fassbender appeared on the BBC show together.

He added: "We couldn't get any stories going, and then Michael Fassbender was on and he was getting this story away.

"And I was like, 'Wow, this must be a good story,' because Mark Wahlberg's letting him tell it.

"And then I looked at Mark Wahlberg and he was asleep... we didn't wake him, we were delighted."

Now 11 years on, we have finally found out what went down when the cameras stopped rolling.

Graham Stuart - Norton's longtime collaborator who founded production company So Television with him in 1998 - has revealed what happened when Wahlberg finally woke from his drunken slumber.

The actor got a bit too close for comfort with host Graham Norton.

The producer, who has worked on shows such as So Graham Norton, V Graham Norton and The Graham Norton Show, explained that The Lovely Bones star, 52, quickly became 'more in touch with reality and planet Earth'.

Stuart told Metro that Wahlberg was aware that ‘whatever happened, we would make sure what went out was good and fair and honest', before adding: "That’s exactly what went out."

He said: "We love Mark Wahlberg because he such a big star. He then came back again and again and again and again. "And I say that is a tribute to him and to us definitely.

"We’ve never been in a situation where we thought we can’t put that show out. We never let that happen."

During a chat with Digital Spy in August 2012 months after his infamous appearance, Wahlberg insisted he was simply trying to bring a bit of comedy to The Graham Norton Show.

He said: "Sarah Silverman and I talked about doing something funny. I was trying to do a 'bit' and some people took it too seriously."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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