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Graham Norton shares one of 'worst guests' he has had on his show who 'fell asleep' halfway through

Graham Norton shares one of 'worst guests' he has had on his show who 'fell asleep' halfway through

The guest went quiet before Norton realised he was actually asleep

Graham Norton has opened up about the worst guests he’s ever had on his BBC chat show - revealing that one person actually fell asleep after drinking too much.

The 60-year-old star has had a host of famous faces on his couch over the years and naturally viewers are always keen to know who he reckons is the ‘worst guest’ he’s ever had.

Poor old Graham has been put through the ringer on the show.

He's discussed several candidates before. Poor old Robert De Niro was originally named his worst guest ever following some snooze-worthy stories on the couch, while Harvey Weinstein later usurped him for obvious reasons.

Norton explained: "He asked for my e-mail. And he emailed me something very nice, a complimentary thing. And then he decided he wanted to be on the show, because he was going to promote something.

"And it was a show that was fully booked, so I replied saying 'Oh, thank you so much, but the show is fully booked'. He emailed back: 'What if I blah de blah de blah'. [I replied] 'No, the show is fully booked, blah de blah.'

"And he emailed back again, 'But I think...', and I just had to turn to my booker and say 'Can you please deal with this?'"

But, during an appearance on Kiss radio, Norton remembered another guest who threw the show into absolute chaos.

Mark Whalberg on The Graham Norton Show.

The guest was, of course, Mark Wahlberg, who back in 2013 rocked up to the popular chat show absolutely steaming drunk.

Norton said on Kiss: “I had Mark Wahlberg fall asleep. He was very, very drunk. It was me, Michael Fassbender and Sarah Silverman.

"But it was hard to get anything done."

This was because Wahlberg was constantly interrupting the other celebs in the middle of anecdotes, leaving Fassbender and Silverman exasperated.

Norton continued: "At one point, Michael Fassbender is telling a story and it’s going really well. Like, he’s getting through the story and I’m thinking, ‘wow this is going well’.

"And then I look over and Mark Wahlberg is just asleep. That’s why it’s going well!”

Take a look at the wild footage below:

Norton has previously spoke about the chaotic episode. Speaking on This Morning a few years back, he was asked about problematic guests with Phillip Schofield saying: "Some people are drunk when they arrive," before adding: "Mark Wahlberg."

Norton replied: "He's been on a few times since, but the famous time - he came on [and] he was fine."

At this point Willoughby pressed: "What happened then, what did you do to him?" to which Norton replied: "Well I don't know what happened.

"I think it's that sort of thing when you finish drinking, that isn't the drunkest you're going to be.

"Sometimes when you get home, 'Ooh, I'm drunker than when I left the pub.' So I think maybe there was a bit of a time lapse and yeah, he did get very drunk."

The movie star had hit the bar before his appearance on the show.

Norton went on to say that Wahlberg was constantly interrupting the other guests' anecdotes - including Fassbender and Silverman.

Until he suddenly went quiet.

"We couldn't get any stories going, and then Michael Fassbender was on and he was getting this story away," said Graham.

"And I was like, 'Wow, this must be a good story,' because Mark Wahlberg's letting him tell it.

"And then I looked at Mark Wahlberg and he was asleep... we didn't wake him, we were delighted."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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