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American woman admits to not wiping her bum for the past two years

Rhiannon Ingle

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American woman admits to not wiping her bum for the past two years

Everyone has different personal hygiene habits and rituals, but I'm sure we can all agree that we all wipe our backside after going to the loo.

Well, it would seem that not everyone actually does after one American woman admitted to not wiping her bum for the past two years.

The woman has quite literally sent the internet into a frenzy after the clip was reposted to the 'TikTok Cringe' thread on Reddit. See for yourself:



In the clip, the woman began her confession: "So I actually don't wipe my bum.

"When you think about it in nature, no other animal wipes after they use the restroom. So why do we do that?"

She went on to claim 'there's got to be a benefit to not wiping'.

"I don't really know what it is," the American continued. "But if God wanted us to wipe after we use the restroom, we would have a built in way to do that into our anatomy, you know what I mean?"


Um no, not really.

"So because we don't," she said, "I personally believe that wiping after using the restroom is not good for your health."

The woman hit out telling viewers they didn't know 'what chemicals are in toilet paper or in wipes' before adding: "So I personally think it's best to just not wipe."

Clearly an advocate for the theory, she revealed she 'stopped wiping about two years ago'.


So, you may be wondering, what on earth does she do?

Brace yourself.

The woman revealed: "I started using the litter box instead of a toilet."

The woman claimed she used a 'litter box' instead of a toilet. Credit: Reddit/rgatoNacho
The woman claimed she used a 'litter box' instead of a toilet. Credit: Reddit/rgatoNacho

What a visual.

But, it seems the lass has no regrets since making the lifestyle change alleging she has 'not gotten as sick as often'.

"Now I know correlation is not causation but, you know, I feel like my immune system has like been built up since I stopped wiping," she concluded, "And it's probably because I'm not exposing myself to those chemicals."

Now, even though the video may well definitely be some very elaborate satire, the bizarre confession has, unsurprisingly, gone viral with a whole avalanche of people eager to weigh in on the whole ordeal.


One Reddit user pointed out: "No other animal uses forks and spoons either lol."

"Unlike a dog I can't lick my own a**," revealed a second.

I'm sure that's a predicament most bi-pedal creatures face...

A third hit out: "Then don't use tissues to blow your nose, towels to dry yourself after shower, soap to sanitise your hands, or better yet...no clothes to use all day during all seasons because....animals don't use them! Possibilities are endless for you!"

More savvy Redditers, however, clocked on to the 'obvious' satire with one writing: "It’s obvious satire guys come on."

"Breaking news: obvious joke goes over Redditor's head for the trillionth time," joked another.

A final Reddit user, however, offered the simple but nonetheless poignant philosophy: "BORN TO SH*T FORCED TO WIPE."

Now that's profound.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/@rgatoNacho

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Rhiannon Ingle
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