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Brits are shocked to find out American pronunciation for British name isn't a different name

Brits are shocked to find out American pronunciation for British name isn't a different name

A lot of Americans seem to pronounce things differently to us and some Brits didn't even realise these were the same words

I mean, let’s be real, there’s a lot of things Americans say that are just bizarre.

The way they pronounce tomato like 'toemaytoe' or how they say 'bayzil' instead of basil.

I could go on, but I don’t want to get you completely riled up at their pronunciations.

Although we’re going to have to discuss this one in particular because it’s actually pretty funny.

Brits have been left shocked after realising out one word in particular is actually the same one we use, but it’s just pronounced so differently.

And it’s not just any word, it’s a fairly common name.

Taking to a Reddit forum to express their embarrassing mistake a user said they’d only just learned: “The American name ‘Creg’ is actually ‘Craig.’”

They explained: “I genuinely thought it was just similar to "Greg" and just a name that we didn't have in the UK, not just a difference in pronunciation! Haha.”

Americans have an interesting way of pronouncing things.
Flashpop/Getty Images

Another shared their own similar confusion, as they wrote: “As a kid I always used to think "Graham Crackers" were some kind of special Crackers they made with only a 'gram' of flour or something. Didn't realise they were saying Graham.”

Although one stubborn Craig shared their own experience in the US: “Once went to try some clothes on in an Urban Outfitters in Florida. They had wee chalkboards on the back of each door to write your name on.

“When they asked me my name, I said 'Craig'. They asked again, I said 'Craig'. They asked a third time, and I was wise to this 'Cregg' issue but refused to change how I said my name.

“I walked out of the cubicle to find 'Creek' written on my door.”

Think I'll stick with our pronunciation.
Kutay Tanir/Getty Images

And one user hilariously shared: “I asked my American wife to read the title and she said ‘the American name Creg is actually Creg’, I gave her a second chance and here we are.”

Having an absolute nightmare on this thread, a Canadian also wrote: “Reading through these comments is making me laugh because I genuinely don't have a clue how all these names are pronounced in the U.K.

“Mary, marry, merry. Creg and Craig. Harry and Hairy. To me these words are homophones with no discernable difference in pronunciation. I understand that, to you, I'm mispronouncing all of these, but I have no idea how.”

Although some users now just seem to be distracted by wondering how many people they actually know nowadays called Craig.

You’ve got to give it to us Brits, we’re always going on.

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