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Builder shares sinister truth after finding children’s handprints on roof tiles

Builder shares sinister truth after finding children’s handprints on roof tiles

They don't make 'em like they used to, and that's a very good thing.

A builder explained the sinister reason why old roof tiles he found had children's handprints on them.

This year has already seen the resurgence of a Victorian era disease as people are contracting scabies.

Meanwhile, last year a woman who says she married a ghost from the Victorian era got a divorce after her phantom partner apparently got drunk on their honeymoon and developed an unhealthy fixation with Marilyn Monroe.

In the end, she had an exorcism performed on his spirit to banish him.

Anyhow, as for some more physical evidence of life in Victorian times, a builder removing old tiles from a roof pointed out some markings on each tile and what they must have meant.

See the handprint in the tile?

The builder, from Touchstone construction company in Surrey, was up on a roof stripping it of old tiles when he turned them over and showed what lay beneath.

He said: "Stripping this old Victorian tile roof and we've found that all the tiles have got little kids handprints.

"From back in the Victorian days they used to, kids used to make these."

He then pressed his own hand against the indentation to give a sense of scale and the handprint was much smaller than the builder's.

The builder guessed that the handprint had been made by a child 'no more than seven years old', and displayed an array of tiles which showed similar sized handprints on them.

Each tile had a handprint on the back.

However, others argued that the handprints may look smaller than they originally were as during the process of making the tile it would shrink, so if there was a handprint on there that'd get smaller too.

Plenty guessed that the handprints probably did belong to children, but suspected the kids were more likely to be older than the builder's estimations.

Someone else argued that because people were a bit smaller in Victorian times, their hands would probably have been smaller too, and that coupled with some shrinkage would mean they could have been the handprints of an adult.

Someone else joked that 'the children yearn for the roofs' while others thought it was sad that children might have been working in 'horrible conditions'.

Another who we're really hoping was joking said the tiles were 'an argument for bringing back child labour' as they said the kids had built a roof that was still working a century on.

Despite the possible horrendous circumstances in which they were made, each handprint is a testament to someone's existence hidden from view for decades but still there.

Who knows what marks you might make in the world that'll be discovered decades on?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/victorian_places

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